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The Pursuit of Ketosis

A few years ago, I was blessed, fortunate, and privileged enough to attend a sales training in San Diego.  I was very busy the weeks preceding and did not have a moment to prepare for the event.  As I sat in my seat it was obvious my peers came prepared. They all had books to be autographed, notes, and so much enthusiasm for the anticipated speaker I couldn’t help but wonder what I was in for.

Within a minute of Chris Gardner taking the stage, my eyes were filled with tears and my legs had bursts of chills running through them.  He spoke with charisma, gratitude, passion, respect and a strong sense of spirituality as he told his story.  The hour I spent listening to him was truly life-changing.

Chris was a devoted single father who was evicted from his apartment.  He and his son were homeless and spent many nights in public bathrooms.  Even though he tried his hardest, he had a very difficult time keeping a decent paying job.  Chris persevered and kept his head high and his attitude higher throughout all of his trials.  Years later, a man in a Ferrari asked to take Chris’s parking spot and Chris agreed to give it to him in exchange for information on what the man did for a living.  This was a huge turning point for Chris.   I won’t ruin the story for you because I hope you will read The Pursuit of Happyness or watch the movie if you haven’t.  I’m sure you will find it inspiring and heartwarming. You can find a link to the book in the Book Nook).

Genuinely inspired by Chris’s story, I will be naming the next few blog posts, The Pursuit of Ketosis.

Day one of The Pursuit of Ketosis was a success!  I stuck to the plan by ringing in at slightly less than 800 calories of nothing but pure protein.  If you are wondering what I ate, please check day one out on Pinterest.  I felt like I had a hangover or maybe that was wishful thinking.  Kidding aside, a headache and pretty much constant hunger were my two biggest symptoms.  Oh, and I almost forgot, forgetfulness and dullness.  The dullness was real.  You can just ask my friend who I ran into while I was bowling with my Son.  I literally couldn’t think of a thing to say and considered going to the bathroom to buy myself some downtime from our twenty-minute conversation.

By 6:00 PM I was pretty much ready to climb into bed.  It was a struggle, but I kept myself awake until 9:30 PM.   My last words to my Husband were, “Good Night, I have to go to sleep really fast, so I don’t get hungry again”.  Visions of the high protein foods  I would eat tomorrow danced in my head as I drifted off to sleep.


“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something.  Not even me” – Chris Gardner speaking to his Son



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