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Celebrating A Non Scale Victory!

“Hold the vision.  Trust the process.”  – Unknown

I started my day frustrated because the scale was stuck at the same number it had shown for the last two days, and when I gave myself an extra dry brushing and stepped on the scale again, I found that it was still stuck.

A few minutes later, I was grabbing my keys to take my Daughter to tennis lessons when she said, “Mom, I was looking through photos on my phone and you look a lot smaller than you did a few months ago”.  Whoa!  A compliment from a cynical teenager must equal or mean more than a number on a scale, right?  Then it occurred to me that this might be a ploy to ask for money.  My face must have shown my skepticism because my daughter quickly offered to show me the picture.  She was right, even I could see, that person in that photo didn’t really look like me anymore!

I’d like to celebrate this non-scale success by thanking you.  I’ve received so many amazing supportive emails, texts, blog messages and Facebook messages.  It’s been heartwarming, humbling and motivating! I’ve also received a lot of questions and I’d like to answer as many of them as I can.

First, I am not on the Keto Diet or South Beach Diet.  I am on a diet through a weight loss clinic. The first 4 days of the clinic’s diet is designed to get you into ketosis.  During that time, you eat 800-900 calories of protein, no carbs or healthy fats.

I do not take the appetite suppressants the clinic offers.  When I was in my twenties I took an appetite suppressant and it turned me fifty shades of crazy, so I opted out of that plan.

The weekly vitamin B shots seem to be helping a lot.  They have vitamin B12, Choline, Inositol, Methionine, B1, and B6.  They give me energy and take away cravings.  I literally haven’t craved a food in weeks!

I take a Fat Burner twice a day which is a combination of herbs, minerals, and extracts that increase fat burning and boost energy. My Dietician at the Clinic told me the fat burners would also help make me less hungry and it’s helped quite a bit.  I’m basically in love with the Fat Burner because I’ve never been able to tolerate one before.  My system is so fussy, I have literally tried over ten supplements for fat burning and haven’t been able to bear a single one.  They have all agitated my acid reflux, made me jittery or kept me up at night. You can find a link to the fat burner in Tanya’s Treasures.

Since I obtained Ketosis, I am now eating 800-900 calories of protein a day, 2 healthy fats, and 2 servings of fruit or vegetables.

Several followers and friends have asked me why I’m blogging. My first reason is somewhat selfish and it’s because I feel accountable to you and I’m confident that the accountability will help me stay on task and ultimately reach my goals. I also feel that as women, we are all in this together, and I would love it if my confessions and the discoveries I make along the way help you.  Lastly, I love to write and would love to grow my blog and its followers, so please, if you think of someone who might enjoy my blog or better yet, benefit from it, please share it with them.



Sharing is Caring!

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