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Are Your Fitness & Weight Loss Goals Bigger Than Your Excuses?

I awoke around 7 AM with the same splitting headache I had last night and started to make my way towards the scale but stopped mid-route and took a moment for gratitude.  I need to thank you for reading my blogs and all the support you have shown throughout this journey.  The Facebook messages, blog messages, texts, and emails have all been amazing.  Since I am working towards growing my followers, I appreciate every single time you have shared my blog or my page and every time you will hit share in the future.

When I made it to the bathroom I hit the play button on my playlist so I could dance around while I dry brushed myself and guess what song came on?  Super Freak by Rick James.  My playlist knows me well.

I stepped up to the almighty scale, not sure of the outcome.  We went out for a late hibachi dinner last night to celebrate my Son’s therapist going away to college.  I feel I made healthy choices but eating after 7 is always a dangerous thing for my weight loss. I had my absolute favorite Caulipower pizza for lunch and the carb count in it is a little higher than I normally eat, so who knows…..

Gluten Induced Headaches

I didn’t get much exercise in during the day because I had a splitting headache.   In all honesty, I’ve been getting more headaches since I’ve been on the clinic’s diet and I’m all but positive I know why.  For several years I suffered from debilitating migraines.  On a whim, I tested for food intolerances and found out I was severely intolerant to gluten.  Within days of going gluten-free, my migraines were completely gone! Although I try to avoid it, the clinic’s diet includes some gluten and the headaches are coming back. So, if I move on to another diet that doesn’t include gluten, would you really consider me a cheater?

Fitness & Weight Loss Goals Bigger Than Your Excuses

I did get a mini work out in last night when I got home from dinner.  The inner Super Freak in me surfaced and I just couldn’t go to bed without exercising so I ran up and down the hallways in my house and lifted weights for a few minutes.  The look on my Husband, Tony’s, face when I do things like this is priceless.  “Wow, I don’t know how you could do that with the headache you have had all day”, Tony said questioningly.  My head was throbbing too hard for me to respond with the typical flirtatious response, so I quickly borrowed a quote from my fitness enthusiast friend, Kimberly Sanderson, “ My goals are bigger than my excuses”.  You can check Kimberly out on Instagram.

I stepped on the almighty scale.  Down 6 ounces since yesterday.  Life is good!

How about your life? How do your goals measure up to your excuses?

Dreams Bigger Than Your Excuses

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