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Why I Stopped Wearing My Makeup & Started Wearing Clean Non-Toxic Makeup

I never really thought much about my make-up and seldom wore it.  Being raised by a Mom who was a cosmetologist with a passion for cosmetics really simplified things because she pretty much told me what colors and brands of makeup to buy and wear. So, for the most part, I will honestly admit I had no idea what I was putting on my face for the first 40 plus years of my life– ugh. If someone would have told me I would write an article titled Why I Stopped Wearing My Makeup & Started Wearing Clean Non-Toxic Makeup, I would have laughed (loudly) at them.

And then there was this one detox

I decided to do a detox that pretty much changed my life or minimally my perspective on a lot of things related to health, weight loss, and beauty.  When I enrolled in the detox, I joined a support group that was led by a savvy, highly credentialed, and well-educated facilitator who was also a veteran detoxer. In one of our classes, the facilitator told us that there was no sense working so hard to detoxify if we were going to put toxins back on our body every day and said that makeup was a lead offender.

Minutes after signing off of the class, I googled around and ordered a few products from Beauty Counter.  When the hydrating foundation and concealer came, I liked them and started using them as my new go tos, but I continued to use my totally toxic makeup on the remainder of my face.

Months later, I was preparing myself to lead a Weight Loss Confessions Detox Group (Please request to join if you are interested! We would love to have you) and started unveiling some information I could not ignore. In fact, I came across information that made me decide to stop wearing my makeup and start wearing clean- non-toxic makeup instead.

Why I stopped wearing my makeup & started wearing clean-non toxic makeup

First, did you know that according to an ABC News story

Why I Stopped Wearing My Makeup & Started Wearing Clean Non-Toxic Makeup
Why I Stopped Wearing My Makeup & Started Wearing Clean Non-Toxic Makeup

168 chemical ingredients?  Does that number scare you?  It does me.

According to Environmental Working Groups (EWG’s) article the federal law designed to ensure personal care products are safe and has remained largely unchanged since 1938!

1938 does that sound like a really long time ago to you and like a lot has changed since then?

Guess How Many Chemicals Are Inside Your Body

In the article You’ll Never Guess How Many Chemicals Are Inside Your Body Right Now, the author says,

It’s gotten so bad, scientists are now starting to talk about our “chemical body burden.” This is the amount of chemical buildup in human systems, which could increase the chances of cancer or fertility problems. Toxins in the environment, say smog, you can’t do very much about, except move. What products you choose to put in your bathroom is another matter.

In a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers combed through every adverse effect from a personal care product reported to the FDA between 2004 and 2016. These complaints came through the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition’s Adverse Event Reporting System (CFSAN). What they found was that in 2015-2016 period, reports of adverse effects increased significantly. While the average is 396 annually, in that year 1,591 were reported.

Everything You Need To Know About Non-Toxic Makeup

In the Good Face Projects article, Everything You Need To Know About Non-Toxic Makeup the author wrote,

Makeup products are some of the worst offenders when it comes to toxic cosmetics. Many makeup products are formulated with heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and other unsafe ingredients that are scientifically linked to health problems in humans. Some are even associated with an increased risk of certain cancers as well as hormone disruption, skin irritation, and more

If you want a shortlist of the top aggressors, screenshot these common makeup ingredients to avoid at all costs:


What were my friends doing?

After spending a few hours reaching out to members within my own network, I quickly found many of them were already using clean non-toxic beauty products.  I couldn’t help but wonder what they all knew that I didn’t, so I scheduled a time to interview, Susi Norman of Susi’s Style Squad.  Susi is a long time friend and fashionista who specializes in closet cleanses and helping women look their best.

The Fashionista’s Story

Susi has been using clean, non-toxic beauty products for years and shared her story with me. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and needed to be on a strict gluten-free diet, so she cleaned up her beauty products several years ago. Susi quickly found her headaches lessened and she no longer had a painful allergic response to copolymer which caused her face to harden and turn crusty!

She went on to tell me about her daughter who had a topical response and headaches after being exposed to beauty products with toxic chemicals. And then it was as though she read my mind (which was suddenly filled with overwhelmed thoughts of how I was going to replace everything in my house with clean non-toxic products), and told me how she made a choice to continue to use what she had in her house while making better choices and consistently buying better cleaner non-toxic products.

Why I Stopped Wearing My Makeup & Started Wearing Clean Non-Toxic Makeup
Why I Stopped Wearing My Makeup & Started Wearing Clean Non-Toxic Makeup

Susi also shared the name of an amazing app – EWG’s Healthy Living App that rates more than 120,000 food and personal care products.  Healthline says, “If you’re looking to check the safety of your cosmetics, sunscreens, household cleaners, or food, EWG is an amazing resource.”   And I say, “I love it and EWG’s app is my new best friend.”

What’s my clean non-toxic makeup plan?

So for me, for now, I’m more committed than ever to cleaning up my personal care products, but I’m still a tad bit overwhelmed.  I’ll be back to the Beauty Counter website looking for clean non-toxic replacements for my old beauty products. And then, I’ll take a deep breath and take Susi’s profound advice of consistently buying better.





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  1. Wow. This is some very detailed info. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but will definitely rethink my routine. My son is a drag queen and I worry about his makeup (never thought I’d say that). I’ll be sharing this with him for sure!

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