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It Can Be a Hard Knock Weight Loss Journey


“Breathe. It’s just a bad day not a bad life” – The Love Notebook


I awake still tired, but I have too much to do to sleep. As I look at the almighty scale, the lyrics of a song from Annie play in my head

Yesterday was plain awful

You can say that again

Yesterday was plain awful

But that’s

Not now

That’s then

Yesterday was plain awful.  I awoke with aches and pains and they are just not something I’m used to since going gluten-free several years ago.

When I sat down at my computer to blog, I could feel my cortisol and adrenals skyrocketing and short-circuiting. My mind was going in twenty directions and I couldn’t seem to harness it or focus.  I was unable to be present and I was undeniable cantankerous.  I had been doing so well at keeping calm ever since I wrote The Cortisol Reduction Plan.  For the most part, deep breaths were keeping me in check but that wasn’t enough this morning

I had originally made hotel reservations at a resort on the beach that was ungodly expensive and had been trying to cancel it for two days, but the resorts phone line hadn’t been working properly.  When I finally got in touch with the reservationist, she told me she was going to be charging my card 900 regardless of if I made it or not. I argued and won, but the battle caused my adrenaline and cortisol to surge! What is it about stress related to money that rocks our inner cores?

My Husband was traveling for business.  Usually, I welcome his business travel because the kids and I get to do crazy things like all sleep in one bed and eat whatever we want for dinner but since it’s a few days before school starts, it’s pretty hectic around here.

I didn’t sleep well last night and was very tired.  To make matters worse, I was starving the entire day.  Do you ever notice that you tend to be hungrier when you get less sleep? I found myself shoving the chocolate covered strawberries I made the other day for the Facebook video into my face.  They are meant to be eaten 1-2 a serving, not six.  Ugh.  Check out these articles for more information on the relationship between sleep and hunger  and

I found myself grazing through the kitchen the entire day and I think I know why.  Not only was I tired, it is probably time for that nasty character that starts with a P and ends with an S to make her 3-day monthly appearance. I read a book that said you should ask yourself what you are truly hungry for, so I asked myself what I was truly hungry for.  Do you know what I heard back?  Peanut Butter.

And to top things off my teenage daughter, Taylor came down with a roaring case of the stomach flu at precisely the time I was planning on walking and lifting weights.  I was quickly faced with a bigger conundrum.  Drew and I was scheduled to leave for a very special once a year event I blogged about the other day, Surfers Healing, in the morning so I would either need to cancel our plans or leave my sick 15-year-old daughter at home alone until her Dad made it home from his business trip. Don’t you hate it when there isn’t a perfect answer?

When I finally climbed into bed absolutely exhausted and fell into a deep sleep,  Drew woke me up minutes later crying because he was so excited to go to Surfer’s Healing he couldn’t sleep! He was awake for a few hours when I finally fell back asleep even though he was still awake and upset.  I’m not a terrible Mom,  I’m just a terrible sleepless person.

So, almighty scale I really didn’t do anything right yesterday, but I could have done worse and back in the day I would have washed down a few cocktails or ate a lot of chocolate or ice cream to self-medicate, so I have to give myself some credit.

I gained a pound.

I wish I had something wonderful and motivating to wrap this blog up with but I don’t, so I’m going to borrow from Annie again.

The Sun will come out tomorrow

Tomorrow is Another Weight Loss Day


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One thought on “It Can Be a Hard Knock Weight Loss Journey

  1. I’m sorry to hear of life’s challenges. Thank you for writing this column with honesty as it reminds me we all have bad days. Hopefully all worked out. I’m also enjoying the quotes!

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