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Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune- Up

As I approach the scale, I realize it is my last Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune Up as a high protein low carb moderate fat dieter.  To celebrate, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge a few non-scale victories before I get on the scale.


Non-Scale Victories


A memory from last night bubbles up.  I was in the bathroom getting ready for my Epson and lavender essential oil bath when I realized I still had my jewelry and good sports bra on.  My fifteen-year-old daughter Taylor was laying in my bed sick with the flu.  I really didn’t want to have to walk past her without clothes on but the Superfreak in me couldn’t get into the tub without putting my jewelry and bra in its proper place, so I did it.  I walked across my bedroom without my shirt on hoping she was sleeping.  Within 30 seconds I heard her say those magical words, “Wow, Mom you have lost a lot of weight”.

Several days ago, I was in a huge hurry to meet friends for a lunch date.  I picked a pair of pants up to put on that I was all but certain didn’t fit me and I shimmied them on with no problem.  I didn’t even have to lay on the bed!


Non- Scale Victories


So, filled with confidence from those two scenarios, I stepped on the scale to find it was stuck – again.  I really hadn’t lost any weight this week, in fact, I gained a few ounces.

I look at my weight history that is clearly charted out on myfitnesspal and wonder why I seem to be stuck.  It could be that I have been eating foods I know I am intolerant to such as gluten and dairy or it could be the artificial sweeteners that I am all but certain are causing inflammation.  I stopped eating gluten almost a week ago and gave up artificial sweeteners at 5:59 this AM.  As for my dairy, this Wisconsin girl will most likely be eating her cheese until 11:59 PM on August 31st– the Eve of the Whole 30 start.

Another possibility comes to mind.  Yesterday I reached out to a blogger, Conner Middelmann, because I enjoyed one of her blogs about artificial sugar: https://bit.ly/2Nh2LdQ.  Conner shared the work of a Canadian nephrologist who authored the Obesity Code with me.  Dr. Fund points out that eating high amounts of protein raises insulin levels, which in turn blocks fat burning and may contribute to weight gain.  He believes this is why people on high-protein diets often hit plateaus similar to those on low-calorie diets.  Check out: https://bit.ly/2wv2zk6

Well, regardless if the culprit is gluten, dairy, aspartame, or too much protein, it seems I am on the right track with starting the Whole 30 September 1st.

Let’s take a week at last week’s tune up read the post now!

I quickly review last week’s goals.

Went back to the ketosis basics for 4 days – check

Walked everyday but for 30-45 minutes, not 60 minutes

Practiced yoga once – check

Refrained from alcohol -check

The inner sales manager in me starts to coach and suggests I:

Continue to eat 900 calories of protein, two servings of fruit or vegetables and two servings of fat this week

Walk everyday and try to get my time up to 60 minutes a day

Practice yoga twice this week

Diligently prepare for the Whole 30. You can check out my Pinterest Whole 30 recipe board:  https://bit.ly/2BOjy6D and the suggested supplements athttps://bit.ly/2P72NW8

Lift weights 1-2 times this week

And, allow myself to have a cocktail or two before starting the Whole 30

Sounds like a thorough tune up to me.  How about you?  What are your goals for this week?



Weight Loss Tune Up
Weight Loss Tune Up


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