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A Confession a Day, Keeps the Pounds Away!

I have a confession to make.  I drank a Propel Water with artificial sweetener in it yesterday after I publicly declared I wouldn’t in I Am an Addict and Completely  Addicted.  I woke up with the best intentions and then I started to feel very, very tired and absolutely ravenous.  It was funny because I was in Church and the Minister’s sermon went a little longer than normal.  He joked that he needed to wrap up or he would find one of us eating the pews and I felt like he was speaking directly to me. I probably could have eaten a piece of wood at that point.

I stayed strong throughout the early afternoon and caved around 3:00.  Andrew had a playdate with a little boy we haven’t seen in over a year and his delightful mom stayed to visit.   I could hardly maintain a conversation with her because I was so tired, hungry, and dull.   I was afraid I was ruining my little guy’s playdate, so I popped open a Propel Water.  Within minutes I regained my energy, was less hungry, and was able to socialize!

Ok, so another confession.  I drank two propel waters that day.

Kitchen Confession


Today, I awoke determined to kick the artificially sweetened drink to the curb. Ironically, I played a podcast of the Whole30 founder Melissa Hartwig’s http://ultimatehealthpodcast.com/melissa-hartwig-whole30/ first thing this AM.  In Melissa’s podcast, she talked about how when someone is addicted to something and they give it up, their addiction typically transfers to something else.  This was a huge AHA moment for me!

When I started the high protein low carb diet, I traded in carbs for gluten, enormous amounts of dairy (more specifically cheese) and foods and drinks with artificial sweeteners! Unfortunately, none of these resonate with my body, in fact, they make me sick and cause inflammation.

Counting down the days until I start the Whole 30!  This girl is ready to feel great!

Feeling Healthy

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