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Could Dieters Be Talking Themselves Out of Losing Weight?

Negative Comments Dieters Make That Talk Themselves Out of Losing Weight

As a weight loss and health coach, I talk to people who are trying to lose weight every day. And every day I hear negative comments that reflect their counterproductive beliefs about losing weight. It’s almost as though they are trying to talk themselves out of losing weight and getting healthy.

Here are the most common comments I hear, complete with Coach Tanya’s responses:

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I know I’ll never be under a certain weight again

How do you know? The only thing you know for sure is you won’t get to that weight if you don’t try!

If this works…….

I hear this a lot, but the most iconic time was from a Client who had lost 9 pounds that week, had less pain than she had in years, and more energy than she can ever remember having.  Hello! This is working, so tell yourself -stat!

I’m not going to get my hopes up

What? If you don’t hope for the best, how can you expect to get the best? And guess what, this comment is from someone who already had success on the program I coach for and knows it works!

I can’t drink that much water

What if I told you I had a magic potion that could help you lose weight, flush fat, improve your mood, and keep your skin bright? Would you drink it? The magic potion is water.  Cheers!

I have a really slow metabolism

Everyone feels like they have a slow metabolism when they are struggling to lose weight. Once you find the diet or meal plan that works for you, things will get easier. Don’t give up!

I have PCOS

Yes, it can be hard to find a diet that works when you have PCOS. I know, I’ve been there.  Keep trying though. When you find it, you can feel great again. lose the unwanted weight,  and lose some or all of your symptoms.

I have weight loss resistance

That’s a tough diagnosis to swallow, but it’s not a life sentence.  I was diagnosed with weight loss resistance and put on several medications and hormones.  They didn’t help me lose a single ounce. The right diet helped me lose a lot of ounces.

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I don’t have enough energy to exercise

I know you are not expecting this answer.  It’s ok.  Eighty percent of your results come from nutrition, not the gym. Focus on food and nutrition first.  If you are anything like my clients, once you lose some weight, you’ll have the energy to exercise.

But I’ve been so busy

Have you been so busy you haven’t been eating? You have to eat to survive so you might as well eat food that will help you feel and look your best.

Everything you told me sounds great and like it would work for me, but I have to think about it

What are you thinking about? If it sounds like a fit for you, just do it.  Thinking doesn’t burn calories or fat.

I’ve already tried so many diets and they haven’t worked

Did you ever consider they were not the right diet for you? Don’t say no to Mr. Diet Wonderful because you kissed one too many frogs.

It’s expensive to eat healthily

You are absolutely right. It is expensive to eat healthily, but have you ever considered how expensive it is to be overweight?

Forbes magazine published an article stating it costs an extra $8,365 a year for a woman to be obese! And Fortune went on to say that is only a partial look at the expenses associated with obesity and its without taking a look at the costs of health-related issues caused by obesity.  You can buy a lot of nutritious food for $8,365.

Tips For Turning Defeating Self-Talk Into Positive Self-Talk

It takes a lot of work to turn that negative self-talk around, but it’s so worth it! Kathryn Smerling, an NYC therapist, and I agree and she is quoted as saying, “We can’t shift our weight from the outside without realizing the correct inner resolve and intention.”  Her article 10 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Better Weight Loss lists some great tips.  Katherine lists several great tips in her article and my favorites are:

  1. Gravitate to positivity
  2. Identify your “trouble thoughts”
  3. Talk to yourself like you would a friend

Shifting our mindsets to a positive one that is essential for weight loss is easier said than done. The article 7 SuperEasy Mindset Tips For Weight Loss Motivation, lists 7 great tips:

  1. Motivation, Weight Loss Motivation, Weight Loss StoriesFill your mind with positive affirmations
  2. Visualize yourself already at your ideal weight
  3. Focus on the positives
  4. Small changes really add up
  5. Keep a weight loss success journal
  6. Try EFT tapping for weight loss
  7. Try Hypnosis Downloads

My Tip for Making Negative Self-Talk Become Positive

And I have a tip of my own. If you have the opportunity, you should try working with a good weight loss coach.  They will be there consistently to help you reframe your mindset so you can successfully focus on losing weight and keeping it off!


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