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Could Alcohol Have Been Sabatoging My Weight Loss?

On Day 7 of my second Whole30 round, our friends invited us out for an afternoon of Wisconsin sports game watching.  This doesn’t happen very often when you live in South Carolina, so we quickly accepted the invitation.  Embedded in my friend’s text was a picture from the last time she was at the suggested bar.

Diet Temptation
Diet Temptation

You may know that I am a type-A Superfreak, self-declared diet expert and world-class daydreamer but what you may not know is that I am also a bloody mary enthusiast. I order them everywhere I travel and post pictures of them to Facebook with my personal review.  It’s become a joke amongst my friends and it’s not uncommon for people to ask me how my last bloody was when they see me.

Weight Loss Confession….

I have to confess, that bloody mary really tempted me!  I started to justify my drinking it.  After all, I’ve already completed my first round of the Whole30 and it is made out of tomatoes.  And since I’m reading Food Freedom now, I could just say it was my “worth it” item.  It would all make perfect sense right?

I remembered the way I felt when I wrote How Can I Resist You but this was different.  I wasn’t in pursuit of a party, I just love bloody marys and wanted to try it. I’ve never had one with crab as a garnishment before.

And food journals don’t lie…

I turned to my journal and MyFitnessPal and started reviewing the last few years of my weight loss journey. The facts were cut and dry.  Every time I drank, I gained between 2-3 pounds the next day, sometimes more!   Once I gained the 2-3 pounds, it took me 2-3 days to lose the weight.  You know that my metabolism runs on the very slow side because of How I Gained Over 100 Pounds and My Best Advice To You, so I only average a one-pound weight loss a week.

Could alcohol have been sabotaging my weight loss? 

Alcohol never seemed like a likely problem for me.  I don’t drink alone or in excess.  But looking at this information, I have to wonder, could alcohol have been sabotaging my weight loss efforts all this time?

With all this in mind, it was still a difficult decision for me.  I really wanted to try that bloody.  I ultimately decided not to drink.  The below motivational quote helps me to keep things in perspective and I hope it helps you too!

Weight Loss Motivation
Weight Loss Motivation






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5 thoughts on “Could Alcohol Have Been Sabatoging My Weight Loss?

      1. WOW… that Bloody looks great! I could forget the drink part and eat all of the food in it CRAB legs and all

      2. Ha ha. I thought about that too but I was afraid I would cave in and drink it if I ordered one!

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