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Hey Scale – Timber!

“If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal” -Fitlosophy calender

I woke up exhausted. Since I’ve started this high protein, low carb diet, I’ve woken up at 6:37 AM every day, regardless of what time I go to sleep. Every other day, I have awoken energized and ready to take on the day. Last night I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight and 6 hours just doesn’t work for me – at all.

After waking up, I stepped up to the almighty scale and felt that she should give me extra credit for my efforts. I didn’t drink last night, and it wasn’t an easy decision. I had my Bunco babes over and let’s just say they are “my tribe”, you know, those friends that make you laugh so hard you are not sure if you are going to pee your pants, snort, cry, or do all three? Like always, it was a great time with the babes, this time I was sober, and I didn’t even touch the cheesecake.

Side note- I never thought I would be one of those people to talk about the dish I took to a party, but I took chocolate covered strawberries I’ve been making since I was on the Flat Belly Diet! They rang in at less than 80 calories each and they were divine! You can see the recipe on Pinterest.

Before I stepped on to the scale, I had a flashback from last night. My friend and I were discussing weight loss and she said she would like to do what I’m doing but couldn’t afford it. Wow, that hit me in the gut and the teardrops almost started to fall. Before I even knew what I was saying I responded with, “oh yes you can” and you can. I love the vitamin B shots but there are other options. You can get a high-quality sublingual vitamin B vitamin for less than twenty dollars and the Fat Burner supplement I take from the Tanya’s Treasures section,  follow my Pinterest for more specific information on the food, etc. I could even share my daily food and exercise diary with you. Just message me!

Without any further ado or flashbacks, I stepped on the scale to find out that it was still stuck! This was unfair! I literally started doing the breathing exercises from the Cortisol Reduction Plan! I thought to myself, “Ok Tanya, isolate the x. There must be something you are doing or not doing that your body is not resonating with. I feel swollen and I’m not sure why but for some reason my legs feel very bloated and I’m exhausted. Taking an hour and ½ away from my sleep schedule is not helping at all. Could inflammation and sleep be the problem?”

Since my exhaustion was overwhelming, I decided to take a nap and investigate possible causes of the inflammation when I wake up. Before I napped, I just wanted the almighty scale to know, she’s going down!

What are you taking down today?

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2 thoughts on “Hey Scale – Timber!

  1. Tanya, it can’t be healthy to step on the scale every single day. You’re setting yourself up for failure, and I hate to see that. If you don’t do it every day, you’ll see better results over time and you’ll be happier. I enjoy your blogs I just feel like, if you would just stop weighing in everyday, you’d be less stressed and would feel more confident. Xx

    1. Hi Anna, Thank you for your note, following, and your compasion. There are various theories and research on how often you should weigh yourself. Prevention’s recent study resonates best with me. I have a very touchy system and significant food intolerances and have been able to pinpoint and tweak things by paring journaling and the immediate feedback the scale offers. Thank you!

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