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How I Fell Off The (Whole30) Wagon

The date had been clearly marked on my calendar for over a month.  Our friends were having a Halloween costume party that was sure to be a blast.  I spent at least a few minutes a day contemplating if I would drink or not.  I’ve never been one to turn down a cocktail but I was near the end of my second consecutive round of the Whole30 and didn’t want to be known as a diet deserter who fell off the Whole30 wagon.

The reasons why I would choose to fall off the Whole30 wagon and why I would choose not to rang through my head for several days preceding the party.

Why wouldn’t I want to go off the Whole30?  Well, I absolutely love and am honestly addicted to what Melissa Hartwig refers to as Tiger Blood and I think of as the Whole30 high.  For me, it’s a lot like a runner’s high only better because it lasts 24 hours a day!  In addition to the feel-good happiness that leaves me smiling while driving and dancing in supermarkets, I also feel comfortable in my own skin.  No headaches, acid reflux, or bloating – it’s amazing!

There’s also all of the Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s).  I’ve blogged about so many of them and listed several in My Whole30 Experience Is Complete and The Results Are Incredible!  Ironically last night I experienced one of my most memorable and funniest Non- Scale Victories.  I walked into the kitchen to talk to my family and my pants fell off literally!  Lucky for you, I just happened to have my camera in my hand and snapped a selfie.  Funny thing is, these pants were my skinny jeans less than a month ago!


I bet you are wondering why I would consider going off the Whole30.   Would you believe me if I told you it’s the scale?  It’s the truth.  I have not lost one single pound in 27 days of strictly sticking to the Whole30 and I am incredibly frustrated and exasperated.

I shared a bit about my weight loss resistance in Is Weight Loss Resistance a Diagnosis? Could You Or Someone You Know Be Weight Loss Resistant?  Even with all of this in mind, I can’t help but wonder if the Whole30 is the diet for me.  As much as I LOVE feeling great, I need to lose 50 pounds and if the Whole30 can’t get me there, I need to find a diet that can.

I blogged about the test results I received from my doctor regarding my weight loss resistance in The Weight Loss Resistance Test Results Are In And You Are Not Going To Believe The Results!  Getting the results were kind of a mixed bag.  On one side it was good to have confirmation that despite all of my dieting, exercise, and weight loss efforts my body was fighting my weight loss.  On the other hand, it left me feeling overwhelmed and like I needed a break from my weight loss efforts and potentially the Whole30.

I sometimes question if the Whole30 is right for me because I haven’t been shedding pounds.  Having said that, I have lost a tremendous number of inches and the Non- Scale Victories (NSV’s) have been incredible.

This dame was 1/2 way down the stairs on her way to the party when she knew exactly what she was going to do.  She was going to enjoy a few cocktails at the party and think of it as a New Year’s Eve or a Whole30 reset.  The next day would be New Year’s Day and then she would get started on a brand new Whole 12 with refreshed vigor and the supplements the Dr. suggested to help her weight loss resistance.



My plans to stay on the Whole30 wagon for my refreshed Whole30 (Whole12) would include:

Eating more veggies.  My goal is to FILL 1/2 my plate with vegetables at each meal.

Walking more.  I currently walk between 30-45 minutes a day and I would like to start walking a minimum of one hour a day.

Starting all of the weight loss resistant supplements with the next two weeks.  Because my body is so touchy, I will only start one at a time so it will take a while to introduce them all.

Practicing mindful eating.  Ugh.  This one is so hard for me I will probably read the blogs by Gwen Roth and  Liz Lang daily to remind me of how important it is.


Here’s to another 12 days of the Whole30!

Cheers,  Tanya


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