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How Much Weight Have I Lost?

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” – Drake

I awoke this morning a little earlier than my new norm with the same gluten-induced headache I’ve had for days and know what I’m doing wrong.  The weight loss clinic offers packaged convenience snacks that are 100 calories and have 10 grams of protein.  I love the Chocolate Celebration Delight Bars, Signature BBQ Zappers, and the pancakes, and I would highly recommend them to you if you can tolerate gluten.  In fact, I’ve recommended them to you and put them in Tanya’s Treasures.  Unfortunately, I cannot tolerate gluten and should not be eating them.

I wasn’t at all surprised when I was diagnosed with arthritis in my early 30’s, because almost everyone in my family has been affected by it.  The pain I felt daily in my neck, back, and hands was so intense I found myself in tears multiple times a day.  The terrible pain went away completely when I went gluten-free.  Well, guess what’s coming back?

Weight Loss Confessions……

I have to confess that even I think it is crazy that I would go back to eating gluten knowing what havoc it reaps on my body just because the weight loss clinic suggested the foods.  Am I really that desperate to lose weight?  In all honesty, yes.

Standing in front of the almighty scale, I confess that I have officially started cheating on my diet.  I haven’t been eating non-compliant foods, but I’ve been researching other diets.  Last night I read the first chapter of the South Beach Diet Super Charged.  I love Arthur Agatston, MD and have a lot of respect for his research. Did you know 1/3 of Americans over age 20 are obese? Wow!  You can find the book the South Beach Diet Super Charged in the Book Nook.

How Much Weight Have I Lost?

I step on the scale and it looks like I have lost a few more ounces.  Good deal.  But I know what you are all wondering or at least I know what I would be wondering if I were you.  How much weight have I lost and kept off over the past sixteen years? The answer is a little over 60 pounds!

60 pounds lost

How Did I Lose 60 Pounds

And what does everyone ask anyone who has successfully lost weight?  “How did you lose the weight ” or “What did you do to lose the weight?”.  Oh, friend, I wish I could give you an eloquently prepackaged answer, but it wasn’t like that for me.  I didn’t try a magical diet or take a diet pill.  I just kept trying.

I’ve thought about whimsically answering with something like, “one pound at a time”, but that wouldn’t be the truth.  For me, it was more like one ounce at a time.

Please share your success stories and how you took the pounds off.  I would love to hear them..  Please stay tuned to future blogs for more information on how I lost the first sixty pounds and what I will do to lose the next sixty!

I’m so happy to have you on this journey with me.



Weight Loss Journey
Weight Loss Journey

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13 thoughts on “How Much Weight Have I Lost?

    1. Thank you Loss! I appreciate you following. Please share with anyone who might enjoy it.

  1. My dear friend. I am really glad you wrote this particular post. I was putting on my makeup a few weeks ago “thinking” & I thought about telling you that you should truly reveal your before during & after. You are so attractive at any weight & you take awesome pictures. Being a close friend, I know that you, as many of us do, struggle with the mommy & gluten tummy. I thought some might see pictures of you & think what does she know? She’s beautiful. Doesn’t need to worry about her weight. I think this post will lend undoubtablle credibility to your journey & the fact that this is a true everyday practice & lifelong journey.

    1. Awe. Thank you Robin! I still have sixty pounds to go because the health that comes with a healthy weight is far more important than being skinny.

    1. Thank you Nicole. It was definitely linked to my arthritis. If you have pain issues I encourage you to try eating GF for a few weeks.

  2. This is super inspiring! Maintaining a healthy weight is something that is important but generally easier said than done. Congrats on loosing 60 pounds!! That is an amazing start and you are doing great 😀 Keep up the good work girl, you got this!

  3. You’re such an inspiration. I’ve been struggling with my weight for the last 30 years, up and down, but never down to where I’d like to be. Sixty pounds is just amazing!

    1. Awe. Thank you and thank you for following. I’m 1/2 way through the journey!

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