Our Infrared Sauna Experience (the first 30 days)

As I wrote about in Why I Started Using The Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss, my road to the infrared sauna was long and windy.  And it pretty much took forever.  Once I finally started using the sauna, I felt as though I was getting good results and loved the way I felt after each sauna session.  There was no shortage of articles available via google documenting sauna goers’ first experiences with the infrared sauna.  Having said that, I couldn’t find much documenting the first 30 days of infrared sauna experiences.  So voila, here is my family’s infrared sauna experience……..

My Kids Infrared Sauna Experiences

My little guy who is 11 stepped out of the sauna and eloquently said,

“You know what’s crazy Mom, I always come out of the sauna really calm but with a lot of energy.  It’s like “calm energy”.

Infrared Sauna Experience
Infrared Sauna Experience

Funny thing is he completely nailed it.  I had been trying to put how I feel after my sauna time into words and said something like I was relaxed and with a new improved mood in Why I Started Using The Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss (and detox). But Drew nailed it with “calm energy”.  Apres our sauna sessions everyone in my family seems calmer and rejuvenated and their thoughts are move and productive!

My 16-year-old daughter, Taylor, caught a bad head cold about 26 days into our family’s first 30 days with the infrared sauna and could so congested she could hardly breathe.  I somehow persuaded her into a sauna session even though she really didn’t feel like it – at all.  When she came out, she announced, “The sauna completely cleared up my congestion.   I can breathe.”  The improvement was remarkable!

What I know for sure about my first 30 days with an infrared sauna

The Infrared Sauna Made Me Sweat

My body was able to sweat in the infrared sauna and once it learned to sweat, it started breaking a sweat sooner and sweating more and more often.  In fact, I now occasionally sweat when I work out!  Some people who read this may not think of it as anything more than a “stinky side effect”, but my friends who do not sweat or have the MTHFR gene mutation will understand this is a huge benefit of the infrared sauna. All jokes aside, since our skin is our body’s largest origin, sweating is an important part of the detoxification process and detoxing can be very important to our health and dare I say weight loss.

In the article, The Science-Based Way to Detox That No One Talks About, the author tells us there are multiple studies showing heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury found in sweat after exercise (and saunas)  I don’t know if you have looked into other ways of detoxing heavy metals or chelating but if you have you probably agree sweating them out in the sauna is a great option.

The Sauna Made My Chronic Pain – Less Chronic by Reducing It

So this is crazy ironic.  I read about how infrared saunas can help reduce chronic pain in a few articles and most recently in Dr. Will Cole’s article.  Dr. Cole reports that infrared saunas are on his go-to tools for relieving pain.  Dr.  Cole shares a few keys ideas in his article:

  1. The infrared sauna can help reduce inflammation and increase the production of white blood cells.
  2. An estimated 6 million Americans are affected by Fibromyalgia. A Japanese study noted a 70% decrease in pain levels after one infrared sauna session.
  3. Infrared wavelengths promote circulation which helps release stiff joints and sore muscles.
Infrared Sauna Experience

Originally I was very interested in purchasing an infrared sauna because my Mom had suffered from chronic pain for many years, and I wanted her to try it.   She passed weeks before we assembled the sauna.  And I thought I may not be able to test the sauna’s ability to relieve pain.  But then as luck would have it,  I hurt my back – very, very badly and was in the type of pain that makes you cry without even knowing you are crying.   It was terrible.

On a brighter note, I can vouch for the infrared saunas ability to relieve pain now! Even when my pain was at its worse, I felt substantially better after each session.  And, while I was in the sauna I was able to move and stretch which allowed me to retain some of my flexibility and mobility.  It was a game-changer.

Clearing Complexions From Sauna Times

Within a few days of using the sauna, I noticed an improvement in both of my kids and my complexion.  What was really interesting is each of our complexions showed improvement but each in a different way.

  • Andrew finally has color on his cheeks!  When we first started his wellness journey a few years ago, his face was chalk white with no color whatsoever.  After a few years of working rebuilding his gut health and detoxifying, he finally had some color.  Within a few weeks of starting the sauna, his cheeks had were rosy!
  • Taylor’s teenage blemishes cleared off her face, arms, and chest very quickly!
  • I noticed something kind of crazy.  I have been very subconscious of my wrinkles and puffiness around my eyes for the past several months and my eye area started looking better!

The Skinny on the Infrared Sauna & Weight Loss

As I shared in the article  Why I Started Using The Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss (and detox), my road to the infrared sauna was L-O-N-G one.  And I have to confess, my biggest motivator to buy the sauna was weight loss.  I was excited to read articles like Complete Balance Health Centre’s saying the infrared sauna can help you burn as many as 300-500 calories in one 30-minute session or better yet Self Magazine’s article saying up to 600 calories could be burned in a 30-minute sauna session!   At the same time, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It seemed like 1/2 of the information I found was pro-sauna for weight loss and the other half really didn’t give it much credence.  But then again isn’t that the way things go in healthcare and holistic medicine?

Anyways, since I’ve only been using the infrared sauna for 30 days on a consistent basis, I don’t know that I can draw a valid scientific conclusion on the weight loss claims quite yet, but this is quite interesting…..IMG_1589-1

Here Comes a Weight Loss Equation….

As I wrote about throughout my weight loss journey, I’m pretty much a 4 pounds of weight loss a month kind of dieter.  Well, the 30 days I used the infrared sauna I lost 6 pounds!  Yes, I lost two additional pounds last month using the sauna.  And here’s what’s even more interesting. If you operate off the assumption each sauna session burns an additional 500 calories and I took in on average 3-4  sauna sessions a week I would have burned an additional 6,000 – 8,000 calories in a 30-day timeframe.

An article published by the Mayo Clinic shares 3,500 calories equals about 1 pound of fat and estimates that you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound. So the math works!  I went in the sauna enough to lose an extra two pounds in 30 days.  And, I don’t know about your diet efforts, but an extra weight loss of  2 pounds doesn’t come easy and  I’ll take it!

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