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Is Weight Loss Resistance a Diagnosis? Could You Or Someone You Know Be Weight Loss Resistant?

Even though I had been dieting for years and it seemed as though my body was resistant to weight loss, it wasn’t until I had been tracking my food and exercise intake for several months that I knew something wasn’t right with my body.

Food Journal
Food Journal

For several years, this type A super freak perfectionist was constantly disappointed in myself because my weight loss efforts never seemed to deem the results that just about everyone around me was getting.

I remember getting ready for weekly group weigh in with my boot camp group when the women next to me who had about ten pounds to loose said, “Oh, I’m nervous to get on the scale because I had three glasses of wine last night.”  She lost 3 pounds.  I had over 60 pounds to lose, had eaten perfectly, journaled everything, exercised like Jillian Michaels and hadn’t taken a sip of alcohol in weeks.   With all that being said, I stepped on the scale to find I had gained a pound! It’s just the way my weight loss efforts seem to go for me.

I finally made an appointment with an integrative physician.  I walked into the appointment armed with food and exercise journals and weight charts.  As I told him my story, he nodded and said it seemed as though my body was showing weight loss resistance.  He ordered over 17 tests and suggested we meet again in a month to review them. He was the most thorough doctor I’ve ever met with and we covered so much information during my appointment, it was somewhat of a blur.

Exercise and Weight Chart
Exercise and Weight Chart

As I was driving home, the words weight loss resistant echoed through my thoughts.  Am I weight loss resistant?  Is there such a thing? Is weight loss resistance an official diagnosis?  Why am I just hearing of it now?  After all, I consider myself a diet expert and have been dieting for over 16 years.  And most importantly, if I find out I am officially weight loss resistant, is there a cure for it?

Weight Loss Resistant
Weight Loss Resistant

Health and weight loss experts like Carrie Dennett, MPH RDN CD, JJVirgin, Sarah Gottfried MD, William Cole DC IFMCP, and the Insitute for Psychology of Eating all concur that weight loss resistance is a very real issue.

Do you or someone you love have a hard time losing weight?  Could weight loss resistance be the culprit?  I will be delving deeper into this topic over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.





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  1. Really interesting post and I did not know that. I am losing weight since I change my alimentation and give up on certain aliments. Read my blog, maybe it can help you.
    Let me know what you think in any case. I am curious to see if you explore all the possibilites.

    Ben – http://www.nutrition-newage.com

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