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Let’s Talk About the Vitamin B Shot For Weight Loss


I had never really thought about supplementing with the vitamin B shot for weight loss until it was introduced to me at the weight loss clinic.  It seemed obvious the clinic’s nurse expected me to decide if I wanted the shot or not within a few seconds, so I didn’t have time to research the vitamin B shots benefits.

I Tried The Vitamin B Shot

As I blogged about in  The Journey Begins and The Keto Diet, I decided to try the Vitamin B shot (for weight loss) and I liked it….A Lot.

I loved the way the vitamin B shot made me feel.  It gave me the energy to exercise more.  It seemed like my new found energy helped me stay more positive and kicked off a wellness cycle of more energy, more exercise, less brain fog, a better attitude, and healthier eating….which set the scene for successful dieting and weight loss.

So, why would I ever stop getting the Vitamin B shot you may ask?  Ugh.  Good question and the reasons would make a great story and a few true weightloss confessions.  Having said that, the reasons and story are probably too long and sad for this blog.  Let’s just say, life can be truly crazy sometimes.

Finally,  I made an appointment to get back on track with my bestie the B shot…. And this is the beginning of the funny story so get ready for a giggle. …


Vitamin B Shot
Vitamin B Shot

Funny Story

I decided to get the shot from my health care provider instead of the weight loss clinic.  When I called the office the nurse told me they typically give them in the bum.

With this extra attention to my backside in mind, I showered minutes before my appointment, had fresh clothing on, and applied an extra shot of perfume (on my lower back).

I entered the building thinking I was ready for a big dose of the magical vitamin B.  Then, I walked into the lobby and a much too attractive young Doctor approached me.  All I could think of is not him, not my bum.  Since my mother in law reads my blog from time to time, I won’t go into too many details about this Doctor, but let’s just say “McDreamy.”  I felt myself turning 50 shades of red and I may have grabbed my own bum cheeks to protect them.  I was about thirty seconds away from the only response I could think of:

“I’ve actually decided I’m happy with this extra weight and I kind of like being tired all the time, so I’m not going to get the vitamin B shot today.  Instead, I’m going to buy new underwear and a lot of them.  Thank you anyway.”

Luckily for me,  A female nurse quickly approached me and called my name.

I have to tell you, within 30 minutes of getting the vitamin B shot,  I was feeling better.  More alive, more energy, less brain fog.  Even my husband noticed!

My Advice on the Vitamin B Shot

So friend,  if you are feeling sluggish, can’t seem to lose weight, or suffer from brain frog, you may want to ask your healthcare provider about vitamin B shots.  And of course, I’m not a Doctor and I don’t even play one on TV, but if I did I hope I would be Dr. McDreamyII.


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