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Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune Up!

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods – Eamonn McCrystal

It’s Monday morning and time for a Monday morning weight loss tune-up!  What has changed in the last week since I have been on this low carb, high protein, moderate fat diet? This might be a surprising answer coming from someone who has held the nickname ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for most of her life, but I don’t need as much sleep now.  As a matter of fact, I’m waking up an average of two hours earlier every day!

Time to Weigh In

Having more energy and feeling great are awesome side effects of this diet, but in all honesty, the real change I’m hoping for can only be reflected on the scale.  I’m nervous to step on the almighty scale, so this morning I dry brushed myself and went to the bathroom one more time.  I stepped on with one eye closed.  2.1 pounds lost since last week.  Not too shabby!

The inner Sales Manager in me surfaced and I quickly started coaching myself.  “Great results. Let’s celebrate! O.K. brainstorm time, let’s find a way to celebrate that doesn’t involve food or alcohol….. How about a pedicure? Now it’s time to dig in so we can be sure you get even better results next week.”

Let’s look at last week’s Monday morning weight loss tune-up.  Where are you at with those activities? Where am I? Let’s delve in.

Food Journal

I start out great every morning and then it just seems to fall off.  It is a priority for this week because I have scheduled an appointment to meet with the Dietician at the weight loss clinic to get her opinions and suggestions on a few things and I can’t expect her to help me if I can’t provide her with a complete food and exercise journal.


No alcohol until at least Friday, August 3rd – So far so good and just 5 more days to go.  Let the countdown begin!


Check. I now take two fiber pills twice a day. It seems like they make me less hungry and help to balance my blood sugar a bit.  I love the ones I’m taking because they are not crazy hard on your stomach, so I’ve included them in  Tanya’s Treasures. 

Yoga Time

Spend more time on my yoga mat 2-3 times a week – Ugh.  Oh Man.  Epic fail.  Not even one tick mark. It is so frustrating because I know yoga is one of the most helpful things I can do for my weight loss but it’s so hard to get there with the kids’ Summer schedules.  Can I make it once this week? Let’s reset the goal to 1.


Lift weights 2-3 times this week – Crushed it!


I’m currently taking Daily Fiber Caps, Fat Burner, Inner Balance, Cellulose, and Vitamin D3-K2 Emulsion.  Last week I bumped my fiber uptake up to two supplements twice a day.

I take two Fat Burner a day and they seem to be working.  It’s been a gradual change in my hunger, cravings, and body composition but all the changes have been positive.

The Inner Balance significantly helps constipation that often comes hand in hand with a high protein diet, but I’m feeling like I need a little more help.

I fell in love with cellulose over twenty years ago and have been taking it on and off ever since.  I feel it helps reduce cellulite and keeps water weight and inflammation down.  For some reason, I stopped taking Cellulose the recommended 3 times a day a few years ago and cut down to 2.  I will be ramping back up to 3 times a day starting today and will report back to you.

Vitamin D3 deserves a blog of its own.  I honestly can’t imagine life without it.  A fantastic naturopath I worked with years ago recommended D3 be paired with K for better absorption and it seems to make a tremendous difference.  The supplements can be found in Tanya’s Treasures.

Reflecting on Goals

After reflecting on the goals I fulfilled and didn’t fulfill this week, I thought to myself, “Is there anything that is holding me back from my goals or that I could do better or more efficiently?” And to be honest, there is this one thing; I feel a little backed up, bloated, or should I call it constipated, even though I am going to the bathroom once a day.  I feel like I need a cleanse.  My body is so tricky, and I have tried so many cleanse products that have worked incredibly well for my friends. Two different well known and well-respected cleanse programs have landed me in ER and Urgent Care.  After about fifteen years of trying cleanses, I stumbled on one I love a few months ago.

Ok, quick confession, I didn’t stumble on the Ultimate Cleanse.  It may have been the pictures of Jason Morgan from General Hospital that got my attention. I clicked on them and somehow ended up on his website: https://www.burtonnutrition.com/  

Next Week’s Weight Loss Plan

And the plan for this week is now set:

-Food Journal

-No Alcohol until August 3rd

-Continue to take 4 fiber tablets a day

-Yoga at least once this week

-Lift 2-3 times a week

-Start the 15 day cleanse

This week looks like a great time to cleanse, doesn’t it?

Burton Nutrition Cleanse
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