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Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune Up

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments” – Jim Rohn

I awoke full of energy and ready to take on the day. While dry brushing, I remembered a VP of Sales I reported to several years ago.  I was one of the twenty- two sales managers that reported to him, ironically the only female.  Ted, the VP of Sales, was known for hiring highly competitive college athletes and pushing his team to their limits every day.  He had the attention span of a five-year-old and was a lawsuit waiting to happen.  He would give you what he called a “tune-up” every few days.  As you may have guessed, Ted was quite a character but wow, could he drive the sales revenue in his five- minute tune-ups!

A typical phone call started with, “Hey Hook (my maiden name), Just calling for a quick tune-up.  Everything looks great.  I’d like to take a quick look under the hood though and make sure we are headed in the right direction”.  Ted was an accountant and a CPA in his past life and had strong analytical skills.  No matter how great you were doing, and let’s just say, I typically came in at about 147% of my goal, Ted found something that needed a little tweaking.  Typically, that tweaking quickly turned into more revenue.

I wondered where Ted is today because I feel as though I could benefit from a good tune-up.  It’s officially a week since I started my Pursuit of Ketosis.  For girl reasons, I do not want to get on the scale this AM and that very same reason is making me feel as though I’m not getting the results I had hoped for. I run through everything in my head.  What have I eaten? Have I Exercised? What about the items from Zap Stomach Fat, have I done them successfully? Hmmm…….

I decided to reset some goals for this week:

-Keep a food journal

-No alcohol until at least Friday, August 3rd-Increase fiber

-Spend some time on my yoga mat 2-3 times this week

-Lift weights 2-3 times this week

I feel better now that I am recommitted.  What about you?  What would a tune up look like for you? What are your goals for this week?  Look forward to your messages and comments.

Happy Monday!

Weight Loss Tune Up


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