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My Perfect Weight Loss Day

“Whatever The Mind Can Conceive and Believe, The Mind Can Achieve.” – Napolean Hill


What makes the perfect weight loss day?

I awake with that crazy Charlie Horse from The Pursuit of Ketosis Day 2 and The Pursuit of Ketosis Day 3.  This time I have strange feelings of pride and adoration towards the pain.  I made it to yoga yesterday and my muscles are reacting and sore. As I get out of the bed and move towards the almighty scale, I think about yesterday’s blog One Perfect Day and the questions I asked you.  What if you had one perfect weight loss day?  What would it look like? What would you do? What would you eat? What type of exercise would you partake in? And most importantly how would you feel?
I gave the questions some thought.  I would start my day with meditation and prayer.  While writing my blog I would sip bone broth.  I would attend a yoga class at the studio and somehow control my adrenaline and stay calm throughout the day.  I would eat my new favorite high protein low carb foods, dessert, and of course, peanut butter and absolutely no gluten.

This funny thing happened after I daydreamed about the perfect day.  Things just kind of started coming together.  I almost always wake up to meditation and prayer so that part was easy, but the yoga piece was interesting.  I have been putting off joining the studio because of its schedule and my kids’ summer schedules just don’t jive and it’s pricey.  August is always a bit tough on the finances with two kids needing school clothes, school supplies, sports fees, Drew’s birthday, and Surfers Healing.  I was clicking around on the internet and a one month unlimited special popped up for less than ½ price and then I found an additional 20% off. When I went in to tell my Husband how excited I was, he asked, “Why not go today?”.  So, after three months of “trying” to make it to yoga, I finally made it to my mat.

Yoga for Weightloss

I must interrupt this perfect day with a confession.  I’ve been cheating on my diet again.  This time, I’ve been researching three different diets, not just The South Beach Diet Super Charged.  This is crazy because I am normally loyal to a fault, but I just feel like there is something missing from the clinic’s high protein low carb diet.

The food piece pretty much fell into place as well. I was coming back from yoga and wondering what was for lunch when I decided to stop at the grocery store and get one of my all-time low carb diet favorite foods Caulipower Pizza. – Yum.

Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza


When dinner time came around our family was going in several different directions because of sports meetings and therapy appointments so Taylor and I decided to grab dinner out.  We went back to this new restaurant with great gluten-free options and had a fantastic dinner.

low carb weight loss meal
Delicious Low Carb Meal

All this talk about my perfect day, I almost forgot to get on the almighty scale. I lost an ounce and I’ll take it.


I wonder, if we took a few minutes to think about our perfect day every morning, would we have more perfect days?  What do you think?  Want to give it a try?

perfect day
Perfect Day

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