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Have My Weight Loss Efforts Have Been A Failure?

No one wants to put so much time and energy into weight loss efforts, only to feel like a failure. But even at our best, we sometimes can feel like our worst….

I walked into the room full of confidence. I felt great and had boundless energy.  It was my day 46 of the Whole30 and I had amassed more non-scale victories than I could count. What Whole30ers like to refer to as Tigers Blood was running through my veins.  For those of you who haven’t experienced it,  think very long-lasting runners high.  To top things off, I had relegated two outfits to the donation pile in the last two days because they were too big and the outfit I had on was very loose.

As I approached my daughter’s sports banquet armed with a salad and guacamole dip feeling like a health evangelist,  a well-meaning Mom approached me.  “Thank you for bringing the salad.  How do you have so much energy and do it all, especially with being pregnant?”

My body tensed up and I could feel the tears steaming up in my eyes. There were no less than twenty people standing around me. I wish I could say it is the first time someone has said something like this to me, but that wouldn’t be the truth.  For a few years of my life, it literally happened all the time.  I’ve already shared a bit about my disdain for my stomach in The Pursuit of Ketosis – Day 4 and I could probably write another twenty blogs about it.

I froze while I decided how to respond.  In the past, I have slipped into my snotty b-i-t-ch persona and completely humiliated the person.  Since this was my daughter’s team event I couldn’t do that.  I couldn’t embarrass Taylor.

I slipped into partial snotty B character, and said, “I’m not pregnant” and literally flipped my hair in the woman’s face while I stomped away.

How can one word or one question from another person turn our emotions, mood, and self-esteem upside down?  It is so scary.  I really worry about women everywhere.  I am blessed to have a high self-esteem and still felt absolutely deflated by her question.  What about other women who are more vulnerable?

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Let’s all make an effort to build our fellow women friends up vs. tear one another down! 


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  1. You are absolutely right; people need to build other people up. You are beautiful, smart, talented and very inspiring to me and to others! Thank you!! 💕🌸👍🏻

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