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My Whole30 Experience Day 23- The Day I Threw My Pants Away!

A few minutes into Tony and my morning walk we ran into one of my neighbors.  As my neighbor walked away I told Tony I was embarrassed because I looked pretty shabby.  He responded with, “Those pants make you look like a beggar.  Look how big they are and they are so long you are going to trip on them.”  It took a minute to register but very quickly I realized this might be one of my biggest Non- Scale Victories yet!

Non Scale V
Non-Scale Victories

When I got home, I threw my pants away and took some time to go through the Whole30 Non- Scale Victories list.  As I started to write my Non-Scale Victory list, I was surprised at how long it was!

Flatter Stomach

Leaner Appearance

Face Is Less Swollen

Clothes Fitting Better

Less Bloating

Improved Regularity

Diminished Acid Reflux

Recovering Faster From Work-Outs

More Patient


More Organized Thought Process

Better Able To Handle Stress

Absolutely No Carb or Sugar Cravings

More Nutritious Diet – Lots of Veggies

No Longer Slave to Sugar or Carbs

Improved Attention Span

Sleeping Better – I’ve Even Started Dreaming

More Energy and More Consistent Energy

Feel So Good I Keep Forgetting To Take My Thyroid Medicine

Experienced My Personal Bests in Yoga and Barre

Kids Are Eating Healthier and Each Has Their Favorite Whole30 Recipes

Taylor’s Rash On Her Chest and Arms is Completely Clear For The First Time In Years

Taylor’s Allergies and Her Cough Are Gone

Tony has mentioned multiple times that Taylor’s Teenage Emotions Seem To Be More Even Keel

Taylor’s Complexion is Glowing

Receiving Compliments From People Who Haven’t Seen Me In Awhile

Better Mood

Enjoy Food And It’s Flavors More

Improved Memory and Retention

Tiger Blood

With this list in hand, I will be recommitting for a second round of the Whole30 starting October 1st.  If you are interested in joining me, ask to join our Facebook Whole30 Group. 




Whole30 – Round2!

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