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My Whole30 Experience (Day 5)!

I wake up naturally and feel great at 6:00 AM.  Could this mean the Whole30 hangover stage is officially over?  Oh God, I hope so.  My Whole30 experience (day 5) is off to a great start!

As I walk into the bathroom I think about all of the years when my adrenal fatigue was at its worst and I couldn’t peel myself out of bed in the morning.  Within days of cutting sugar from my diet when I was on the high protein low carb diet, I started waking up at or before 7:00 AM naturally. I know I blogged about it in  The Pursuit of Ketosis – Day 4, but I don’t think I realized how life-changing it was at that time.  It’s amazing to think of what food can do to our mood and health, isn’t it?

I have to confess, I thought about getting on the scale a few times while I was in the bathroom. The words no one needs to know even bubbled up in my head. I decided since I have told you the truth every step of the way so far, I couldn’t start lying to you now, so I walked away from the almighty scale.

Whole30 Experience Day 5
Whole30 Experience Day 5

Time to reflect on my Whole30 practice with the Whole30 Day By Day

As I sit down at my computer,  with a cup of bone broth I crack open the Whole30 Day By Day.  It seems as though day five can be a “mixed bag” and some might be feeling better while others feel worse. Thankfully I am optimistic I am feeling better.

Last night I read a few more pages of  It Starts With Food and went to sleep a little disappointed in my type-A Superfreak self because I realized I had not been eating enough vegetables and healthy fat.  To make matters worse, this morning, I woke to a woman’s comment on a meal I posted on a Whole30 Facebook page calling me out in front of 100’s of people for not eating enough vegetables.  Ironically, in the Whole30 Day By Day for day five Melissa wrote that we shouldn’t try to do the “perfect Whole30” because it doesn’t exist and the Whole30 is just a step towards a lifetime of practicing healthy eating.

My favorite Whole30 breakfast isn’t exactly a breakfast

Around 9:30 I had my favorite non- breakfast food for meal 1.  After I ate it, I thought I should probably have a healthy fat with it, but I was too full to eat another thing! Oh well, I’m practicing the Whole30 and will get there!

Whole30 -Chicken Pot Pie Sou
Whole30- Chicken Pot Pie Soup


The Whole30 is a practice, just like yoga

As I stood at my yoga mat ready for my yoga “practice”, the phrase “practicing the Whole30” bubbled up in my head.  I remember a time in my yoga practice when I ……

Whole30 Practice - Yoga Practice
Whole30 Practice- Yoga Practice

Left the room in the middle of class to go to the bathroom when I didn’t need to so I could have a break Now, the class goes by so quickly I’m surprised when it is over.

Couldn’t make it through a class without taking child’s pose multiple times Now, I make it through almost every class without taking a single child’s pose.

Grimaced every time the teacher said jump to the front of your mat because I couldn’t even imagine how that was possible Now I jump!

Didn’t have the strength to do any other form of exercise the day of or the day after I took a yoga class Now I walk for thirty minutes to an hour after class and occasionally lift weights too.

Thinking about this and the process I went through in yoga helps me to gain perspective and I feel much better about my Whole30 practice.

Whole 30 Practice
Whole30 Practice

And sometimes the Whole30 practice requires a good compliant Whole30 snack

I don’t have time for lunch after yoga and I’m really not hungry yet but I’m going into a meeting with My Son, Drew’s therapists and counselors and I don’t want to go brain dead in the middle of the meeting, so I eat a quick RX Bar and I have to say it was pretty yummy!

Whole30 Compliant Snack

Lunch time

I had a late lunch around 2:30 and enjoyed a salad with a mix of spring mix and spinach, steak, red onion, avocado, olives, and strawberries topped with Primal Kitchen Ranch dressing.

Whole30 Lunch
Whole30 Lunch

and a few grapes…in a wine glass.  Just because :).

Whole30 Lunch
Whole30 Lunch

And lunch and dinner were rescheduled by this thing called life

And the rest of my day was crazy with kids’ activities, so I ended up having a “snack” of Performance Nut Butter at 7:00 PM so that I could hold off to dinner at 8:30 – ugh.  I’m “practicing the Whole30” – right?

Whole30 Day 5 Dinner
Whole 30 Day 5 Dinner

Tony made Chicken Tortilla-less Soup for dinner and it was good, not as great as the Chicken Pot Pie soup I’ve been eating for days, but good.  You can find both recipes on Pinterest.

Time to reflect on my Whole30 practice with my Whole30 Day By Day journal

And I am proud to say I made it to 9:00 before checking my box in my Whole30 Day By Day journal and calling it a night.

Whole30 Experience (Day 5) Reflections
Whole30 Experience (Day 5) Reflections

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4 thoughts on “My Whole30 Experience (Day 5)!

  1. I, too, struggle with the balance (I’m on day 8) so I bought a bunch of avocados and just slice one up with…well, everything. I love avocados so this is not a chore for me. Sometimes I put them on the side with some dressing, and sometimes I add them to soup or whatever. I also love coconut cream added to soups and sauces (and in my coffee).

    1. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. I recently started eating Performance Nut Butter and absolutely LOVE it!

  2. This is the first “diet” (Whole 30) that I have been on that I haven’t been constantly hungry and in a state of fatigue! WhooHooooo!!! I have recently been involved in a workplace accident and have been having regular acupuncture and physical therapy. Today, after only five full days on the diet, my acupuncturist commented: Your knees are much less swollen than they were on Tuesday (when he treated me). That comment encourages me to keep up the good fight because I am not the only one that sees improvement.

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