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My Whole30 Experience (Day 6)

I awake at 6:30 feeling well-rested and hopeful that the Whole30 hangover is a thing of the past.

As I walk into the bathroom it seems like the scale became an octopus overnight and its legs are trying to draw me in.  I really want to weigh myself – just for a second.   It is funny to think that just a few weeks ago, I was fighting to resist a cocktail in How Can I Resist You? and now I’m trying to resist a scale. Life is crazy!

Soup is what’s for breakfast?

When I got downstairs, Tony asked if I would like him to warm up my soup.  I was completely thrown off kilter because I drink a Yetti cup of water every morning and a cup of bone broth before I think about food. I said, “ok” and went about the rest of my morning routine.   Minutes later, I realized he made the wrong soup.  I was ready to blow a gasket.  I have become really serious about my food since I started the Whole30.

Being caught hungry in the grocery store is kind of ironic

After I dropped Drew off at school, I had to run to the grocery store to get snacks for Taylor’s tennis team.  Within minutes of walking into the store, I realized I was hungry.  How could I be caught without my snacks again?  After everything I did to prepare in Gotta Fill The Healthy Whole30 Compliant Snack Bag – Fast! – really? I grabbed a bag of cashews off the grocery store shelf and started eating them in the middle of the store. I spent an hour in the store looking for the team’s approved snacks and a few Whole30 foods.  And I have to confess, I’m the world’s worst grocery shopper. I left mentally exhausted, completely frazzled and in a bad mood.  I decided it is time to start looking into some Whole30 online grocery shopping options and added it to my to-do list.

Once I got home, I warmed myself a bowl of the “right soup” and opened the Whole30 Day By Day.

Melissa suggests that today is a good day to remind ourselves of why we are doing the Whole30, so I took a few minutes to reread a blog post I wrote on my Why

Sunrise running woman

Whole30ing in the middle of a crazzzy day

My day is just crazy and I never really ate lunch and had a working snack at 3:00.  I literally squirted Performance Nut Butter in my mouth while in a meeting.  – Ugh.  Like I blogged about in  My Whole30 Experience (Day 5)! The Whole30 is a practice, right?

At 4:00 I had a very simple lunch.  A few pieces of Applegate Farms lunch meat, cucumber, and carrots with Whole30 compliant dressing.

Whole30 Lunch

Around 6:30 I was starving, but dinner wasn’t ready yet so I had a handful of Whole30 compliant beef jerky.

Whole30 Compliant Beef Jerky

Around 8:15 I finally sat down for dinner.  My husband, Tony, made the Cashew- Crusted Chicken from the Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook and it was delicious! The best part, my 10-year-old Andrew liked it- Score!

I topped the meal off with apples and almond butter – yum!

Whole30 Meal
Whole30 Meal

Whole30 Day 6 Reflections

At 9:00 PM I was still awake and had enough energy to read to Drew.  That is after I made “the checkmark”.

Whole 30 Day 6
Whole30 Day 6







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3 thoughts on “My Whole30 Experience (Day 6)

  1. I actually have accumulated too many snacks! In my over-excited day zero shopping mania, I felt like I had to buy EVERY SINGLE COMPLIANT SNACK in Trader Joe’s, Stop & Shop and Whole Paycheck — er, I mean Whole Foods. And for the first few days, I noshed. But I pretty quickly realized I’m just not as hungry between meals without the sugar/carb highs and lows. I still take a bite or two of my snacks here and there, but I think my stashes (I have one at home, one at work, and one in the car) may last the entire 30 days without buying more.

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