Whole30 - Day 0-30

My Whole30 Experience (Day24)

I awake on Day 24 of the Whole30 feeling great! I went for an hour walk and listened to one of Melissa Hartwig’s podcasts. I have found a little Whole30 daily motivation has helped me to stay on task.

When I got home, I cracked open the Whole30 Day By Day and started brainstorming on  Melissa’s extra credit.  She challenges the reader to energize the last few days of the Whole30 in three ways.   Melissa gives examples such as, start reading Food Freedom Forever, find some new recipes, or picking up a new kitchen gadget.

Hmm, What can I do to energize the last few days of my Whole30 experience? What would you do? I decide to:

  1. Commit to working out every day for the next six days
  2. Order Food Freedom Forever and start reading it
  3. Look for new recipes and post them to my Pinterest Board

Around 9:00 AM I ate my new favorite Whole30 soup that I often eat for breakfast, Chicken Pot Pie Soup.

Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup


Around 10:30 I went to a strength training and a dance class at the Y.   When I got home, I was starving and had leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip, cucumbers, and a handful of olives. While I was eating it, I practiced this trick I read about in Women, Food, and God last night and put my fork down after every bite and asked myself if I was still hungry.  It was very interesting and helped me stay in the present.


Whole30 Buffalo Chicken

Around 4:00 I had an RX Bar for a snack.  I love them because they are fruity and sweet with 12 grams of protein!

Whole30 Snack RX Bar

Neither Tony or I felt like cooking dinner.  Luckily I had an Elements Real Food Chipotle Turkey Scramble in the pantry.  Easiest dinner ever.  All I had to do is boil water!

Whole30 Easy Dinner

Around 8:30 I checked the box for day 24 in The Whole30 Day By Day, took an Epson bath and called it a wrap.



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