Whole30 - Day 0-30

My Whole30 Practice (Day 20)

I awake on Day 20 of my Whole30 experience expecting to feel fabulous.  Unfortunately, I find I have a migraine behind my right eye. I am completely baffled and decide it might be because I went out to dinner last night.  I wonder if a non-compliant food snuck its way onto my plate?

I had my usual Chicken Pot Pie Soup for breakfast and the migraine lifted a few hours later.

Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup

For lunch, I had cashew chicken from the Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook, avocado, cucumber, and spinach salad – delicious!

Whole30 Lunch

It was a very busy day.  Drew had two doctors appointments and football practice, Taylor had a tennis meet, and I had a blog and Weight Loss Confessions Facebook page meeting.  Just when I found myself wondering if I was too busy to eat healthy, I found an RX Bar.  I love them because they have 12 grams of protein so they fill me up.

Whole30 Snack- RX Bar

Drew and I caught Dinner at Red Robin after our last appointment.  I had broccoli and a chicken breast wrapped in lettuce with avocado, onion, and bacon.  It was good and I have my fingers crossed that I ordered well and it was compliant.

Whole30 Dinner

After dinner, Drew and I went to Earth Faire to look for ingredients for a dish I hope to take to a tailgate party tomorrow and I randomly found these tasty nuggets – Almond Date Rolls.  Finding a fantastic Whole30 compliant food in the store was a huge boost to my Whole30 confidence and they were fantastic!


Hope you treat yourself to something deliciously healthy today! 

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