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My Whole30 Practice (Day 22)

I awoke on Day 22 of my Whole30 practice two hours later than usual.   While it felt strange to sleep in, I felt great. We all need that little extra rest, am I right?


It’s confession time.  I weighed myself and know I’m not supposed to.  I’ve read all the reasons the Whole30 books give for not weighing yourself a hundred times but I did it.  You can’t blame me, can you?  For some reason, my weight jumped up a few pounds from the last time I weighed myself a few days ago.  I  probably should make another confession for that weigh in but you can’t be tried for the same crime twice – right?

Weight Loss Help

The Almighty Scale

I can completely understand why the creators of the Whole30 don’t want us to weigh ourselves daily.  The power the scale has over our minds is absolutely insane.  I found myself reviewing every piece of food I put in my mouth yesterday and everything I did or did not do for exercise.  The worst part is seeing that number on the scale quickly took me out of my euphoric tiger blood state and left me a crabby monster. I’ll try my best to finish out my last week without any additional weigh-ins.

Positive Changes

Minutes later, Tony walked into our bedroom and gave me a nod and said,  “Those pants are looking good on you.”  Snap, I really should have measured myself before starting the Whole30.  Melissa Hartwig said something to the tune of it is impossible for your body composition not to change when you are eating this way in a PodCast or YouTube.  I know mine has changed and I really wish I had my pre Whole30 measurements to prove it.

Before & After Measurements

Breakfast is for Champions

In case I wasn’t already grumpy enough,  I remembered we are out of my favorite Whole30 breakfast food Chicken Pot Pie Soup so I start searching on my Whole30 Breakfast Pinterest Board.  Since you already know I’m a type A Superfreak who daydreams her way through life and I shared the crazy health conditions I have been diagnosed with yesterday in How I Gained Over 100 Pounds and My Best Advice To You , I might as well tell you I am also intolerant to eggs, which makes a lot of diets difficult, especially when you can’t drink protein powder.

The crazy thing about my egg intolerance is it took a decade to figure it out! Eating eggs makes me feel dizzy and off, kind of like I’m going to pass out.  Very vertigo like.  Isn’t it crazy to think that I got used to feeling that way every day an hour after breakfast?  It quickly became what I accepted as a normal way to feel! After years of working on healing my gut, I can now eat eggs once a week, no more.  I already ate two eggs this week, so I’m at my weekly quota – ugh.

I decided to make an apple, cashew butter, blueberry, and pistachio combination from my Pinterest board and a few sausage links.  Couldn’t bring myself to eat straight veggies for breakfast, and hope the Whole30 gods gave me grace.

Whole30 Eggless Breakfast

Making It Through The Whole30 Day by Day

On day 22 of the Whole30 Day By Day Melissa talks about social situations and how they can be uncomfortable and we need to fake it until we make it.  I can’t help but laugh out loud as I think about last night. I made it through a tailgate party completely sober and eating only the Whole30 compliant appetizer we brought without a hitch.  After the tailgate party, Tony wanted to make one more stop at our clubhouse and we did.  I was in the bathroom when a really happy intoxicated woman approached me.  She was hugging and kissing me and telling me we could be best friends. It was a little awkward and I have never felt so sober in my life.   I wanted to tell her we couldn’t be friends until I wrapped up the Whole30.

For lunch, I had Buffalo Chicken Dip, cucumbers and a handful of black olives.

Whole30 Buffalo Chicken Dip

Snack Time

Around 4:00 I found myself wanting a snack.  It was bizarre because I knew I wasn’t really hungry but that didn’t change the fact that I wanted a snack.  Since my last meal was four hours ago and we probably wouldn’t be eating dinner for another couple of hours, I gave in. Luckily,  my Amazon order with Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Strawberries came in and scarfed the entire bag down while I wrote my blog.  I wonder if I would have eaten that much if I would have eaten mindfully?  Knowing that eating fruit alone for a snack would set me up for hunger, I grabbed a handful of cashews and hoped for the best.

Trader Joe’s Dried Fruit

Dinner from The Whole30 Fast & Easy

For dinner, I had the Cashew Chicken from the Whole30 Fast & Easy, salad, and mushrooms.

Whole30 Cashew Chicken

Another Day Down

Dare I say this Whole30 practice is getting easier and is starting to feel more like a habit than a practice?  I happily checked off day 22 in my Whole30 Day by Day journal and called it a night.

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3 thoughts on “My Whole30 Practice (Day 22)

  1. I’m responding to your Day 22 Blog….I too stepped on the scale yesterday at Weight Watchers. Hate to wait til the end of the month and “Everybody” is there and it takes Forever!!! Very pleasantly surprised, I was down 4.4 lbs. from last month. Unfortunately, I immediately thought I could eat more and after doing that the whole day (Whole 30 compliant), I, lol, didn’t feel as “slim” as when I got the good news. BUT, this morning, I’m back on track and getting real with the portion control situation that I originally joined Weight Watchers for help. I have to admit (my Confession), this is easier for me because since I started Whole30 on September 1st I don’t go out to eat. There are circumstances in my life, a work accident, that right now limit how much I can get around…so basically, I’m Cheating!!! Oh well, you need some perk for being limited. (smiley face!)

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