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My Whole30 Practice Day 29

It was Day 29 of my Whole30 practice and I sat down with a cup of bone broth and The Whole30 Day By Day. As I read through Melissa Hartwig’s Whole30 motivation and tips, I was happy I signed on for another round of the Whole30. I know my body and mind are not ready to be out in the free world quite yet and Food Freedom seems kind of scary.

Melissa Hartwig’s Extra Credit

I hope my friends who are wrapping up tomorrow, take Melissa’s extra credit assignment to heart.

Note key support people you are going to speak to before reintroduction, and what points you want to make in the conversation; OR chose a few healthy habits you want to reinforce, and create mantras or reminders to carry with you into your food freedom.

Whole30 Meals

Around 8:00 AM I ate Applegate Farms sausages, and avocado with tons of spices, and red pepper for breakfast.  It wasn’t the Chicken Pot Pie soup, but it was delish.  Funny thing is I’ve been thinking about the red pepper since yesterday.  It’s pretty awesome when your body craves healthy foods instead of wanting sugar and carbs.  I’m jotting this down as a Non-Scale Victory.


For lunch, I had chicken wings, carrots, cucumbers, and olives.


A group of girls and I were doing winery a tour this afternoon, so I packed an emergency snack bag for the adventure.


After the winery, we went for dinner and I had steak fajitas and guacamole and hoped for the best on the spices….Oh, and that chip in the picture is NOT mine 🙂


I checked the box for day 29 in The Whole30 Day By Day and am so excited for tomorrow I hope I can sleep!  Not only will tomorrow be day 30 and I get to weigh myself, but there will be an awesome giveaway for my followers!


Tomorrow on Weight Loss Confessions Facebook page one of my followers will win several of my favorite Whole30 things like gift cards to Zoe’s Kitchen and Thrive Market, RX and Epic BarsPerformance Nut Butter, Imagine Bone Broth, and Klaire Labs Whole30 Approved Probiotics.  And since books are my absolute favorite thing, I will also be giving away one book from the Weightloss Confessions Book Nook! It’s going to be a great day!  Good Luck!

If you would like some Whole30 support and be part of a Whole30 community, please request to join our Whole30 Facebook group, we’d love to have you.


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