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How I Reversed My PCOS Diagnosis!

About two years and after having my first child I still wasn't feeling well.  As I blogged about in How I Gained Over 100 Pounds, I gained 100  pounds while I was pregnant with Taylor and despite my best and sometimes extreme efforts hadn't lost any of the "baby" weight.  Like most women, I couldn't… Continue reading How I Reversed My PCOS Diagnosis!

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Zap Stomach Fat!

According to the CDC 59% of American adults have abdominal obesity and the number has been significantly increasing over the past 18 years. Not only is stomach fat a huge "fashion" and vanity problem, but the health issues it causes are scary.  The New York Times listed several in its article: Coronary heart disease Higher… Continue reading Zap Stomach Fat!

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Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune-Up

"Sometimes you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead" - Yvonne Woon   I woke up and headed towards the bathroom and the almighty scale.  I quickly noticed in the mirror that my girls made it into the bathroom before my stomach.  Wow!  This is a great way to… Continue reading Monday Morning Weight Loss Tune-Up

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