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Zap Stomach Fat!

According to the CDC 59% of American adults have abdominal obesity and the number has been significantly increasing over the past 18 years. Not only is stomach fat a huge "fashion" and vanity problem, but the health issues it causes are scary.  The New York Times listed several in its article: Coronary heart disease Higher… Continue reading Zap Stomach Fat!

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What Does Self-Care Have To Do With Weight Loss?

  Shortly after I finished writing, 'The Best Advice Anyone Ever Gave Me', I reached out to a few friends and asked them to tell me about what self-care means to them.  The answers were surprising and insightful.  I'm sure you will enjoy reading them. Self- Care Advice from "The Wise One" One of my… Continue reading What Does Self-Care Have To Do With Weight Loss?

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The Best Advice Anyone Ever Gave Me

I walked into the room not knowing what to expect and I definitely wasn't expecting to hear the best advice anyone ever gave me.  My insurance company had randomly assigned a psychologist on the sole basis of them being an in-network provider. I had only been to therapy a handful of times before this and… Continue reading The Best Advice Anyone Ever Gave Me

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