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The Weight Loss Resistance Test Results Are In!

I was a nervous wreck while I was driving to the doctor.  Can you believe I have been dieting and trying to lose weight for over 15 years? I have been faithfully tracking my food, exercise, and weight for a very long time and knew in my heart something wasn't right with my body.  What… Continue reading The Weight Loss Resistance Test Results Are In!

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My Whole30 Experience (Day18)

I awoke refreshed, full of energy, and hungry.  I quickly remembered it was Day 18 of the Whole30 and was looking forward to a day filled with Tiger's Blood. Drew woke up late and then announced that he won an award for good behavior and was allowed to take a toy to school for show… Continue reading My Whole30 Experience (Day18)

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Ditch the Wheat, Drop the Weight!

I have written about my gluten intolerance and how it has impacted me a few times throughout this blog and specifically in Are You or Someone You  Love Gluten Intolerant?, as well as, told my story on This is What An Expert Is Saying About Gluten: Since it is such an important and potentially… Continue reading Ditch the Wheat, Drop the Weight!

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