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Weight Loss Wake Up Call!

I was still in bed when I reached for my phone.  I can't seem to help myself from checking comments on the Weight Loss Confessions' Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram feeds first thing in the morning. This morning it was my personal page that gave me quite a weight loss wake up call! Brianne's post went on… Continue reading Weight Loss Wake Up Call!

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How Much Weight Have I Lost?

"Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination." - Drake I awoke this morning a little earlier than my new norm with the same gluten-induced headache I’ve had for days and know what I'm doing wrong.  The weight loss clinic offers packaged convenience snacks that are 100 calories and have 10… Continue reading How Much Weight Have I Lost?

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A Trip To The Weight Loss Clinic & Ketosis!

I walked into the weight loss clinic not knowing what to expect.  I was greeted by a very friendly woman who told me the Dr. would be with me shortly.  I was taken aback.  I wanted to lose weight, not see a Doctor.  The Doctor gave me a mini-physical and said I was in great… Continue reading A Trip To The Weight Loss Clinic & Ketosis!

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