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The Biggest Weight Loss Confession Yet!

I have the weight loss confession of all weight loss confessions for you.  The confession should probably start with something like my dear readers and followers, I haven’t blogged or stayed on the healthy side of the road of my weight loss journey or even cracked a Whole30 book or any diet book for that matter for a year now and ironically the last time I published a blog it was about tips for getting back on the weight loss track! …….

Then I could say something like life is really crazy and I fell off the horse, but that wouldn’t really do last year justice – at all.

I feel like I owe you more.  After all, we were having a great time joking around, getting healthy, and maybe even losing some pounds.    Many of you even reached out to me personally and kept me up to date on your weight loss struggles and successes.  Loved hearing from you by the way!   I love every single subscriber, Facebook member, and Insta friend, so much, so please don’t judge me.  Here goes…..

The story behind the weight loss confession

Last September, I dropped my then ten-year-old son off for school one day and pulled over in the carpool lane and sobbed.  It’s probably important to know I’m not a crier, at all.  I’m actually one of those annoying people who get teary-eyed but somehow keep it together.  Well, not that day, I sobbed until I was literally couldn’t cry anymore.  At the time, I thought I was crazy and underestimated my instincts.  Truth is, I knew my little guy wasn’t ok.

My little guy has been affected by high functioning Autism and communication can be a barrier, so it took months to unveil the story.  He was being bullied, badly at school.  The situation spiraled, he worsened and ultimately became depressed and traumatized.  We had to remove him from school.

It took months to get my son to a better place.   With the advice of several professionals, we ultimately decided it would be best to move him to a new school which meant we needed to sell our house.  We put our house on the market and because we absolutely had to move to get our kids into their new schools, we bought another house before the old house sold – ugh – wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

Two houses are even more stressful than one

Owning two houses was stressful and financially taxing – excuse the punn :). (Thank God, I still have my same cheesey sense of humor).   As you can imagine it created some chaos in our marital and family life not to mention our finances.  We had two offers fall apart because the buyers couldn’t obtain financing.   And another because the buyers couldn’t sell their house.  Good Lord, let #4 be my lucky number, please.

The stress of diminishing health

At about the same time, my Mom’s health started to decline.  It was slow but steady.  My heart broke a little bit every day when I talked to her.   Unfortunately,  there was absolutely nothing, I could do about it.

Then my health hit some bumps.  To be honest, I’m still not sure what is going on with me other than my thyroid numbers don’t make sense to thyroid doctors and I have some growths on my thyroid.  Coupled with being very, very tired and a lot of weight gain-  ugh.  Not what I’m going for and I honestly don’t feel I should have to include this weight gain in my weight loss confession.

How can school be so hard?

My son started his new school and we had to withdraw him again!  This time he wasn’t directly being bullied but there was a child admitted to the school with behavioral issues the school was not able to deescalate or control.  It made the school both emotionally and physically unsafe for my son.   It took months upon months to work through everything he experienced at this school.  And as anyone who has experienced trauma or grief issues knows, it regressed him back to having to deal with the feeling of being bullied the first time.  I cried myself to sleep countless nights over this.   I’m hoping those nights can be counted as part of my penance for this weight loss confession.

The phone call that intensified everything beyond measure

And then my Mom was no longer slowly and steadily declining.  She called me and said I needed to come home, so I did.  Within a few hours, my Mom was in a coma-like state.   My Mom and I had over twenty sleepless pajama parties at the hospital.   She slept, while I watched her and the machines that were keeping her alive.  She passed a few weeks later.

Weight Loss Confessions - Me and my Mom
Weight Loss Confessions- Me and my Mom

So that’s the story behind my weight loss confession

So, friends, that’s where I’ve been.  I wish I could say I continued to eat healthily and exercise throughout all of the above, but that would be a lie and not a true weight loss confession.  I honestly don’t remember all of the details because most of 2019 was a blur but I know I ate a little extra chocolate, drank an extra drink or two, and skipped the gym more days than I can remember.

Hoping your 2019 story is better than mine and you can forgive me.

Looking forward to good things

After all, I’m looking forward to lots of blogging, weight loss, weight loss confessions and healthy living in 2020!   Hoping to do them with you!


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  1. What a year you’ve had! Here’s hoping 2020 provides a lot more peace and that your house sells quickly. Happy holidays to you all! Xoxo

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