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The Holistic Emergency Tune Up for Inflamation

  “Self -care means giving yourself permission to pause.” – Cecilia Tran

I glance down at the Almighty Scale speechless.  Yesterday was quite a day.  After stepping on to it and having a net gain over the last few days, I knew something wasn’t right with my body.  I felt like something was stuck in me and incredibly bloated.  My legs felt like they were wrapped in rubber bands that had a throbbing headache.  Does this ever happen to you?  Normally, I would have pushed past it and gone on with my day, but there is something about this self- care, self -awareness, journaling journey I’m on that wouldn’t let me.  And oh, by the way, if you are trying to solve a problem and I mean any problem with your body, please journal.  You will be amazed at the discoveries you make!

I decided to cancel the plans I had to attend a baby shower of a dear friend that day and take care of myself.  This was incredibly out of character.  I was raised by a man who didn’t take a single sick day in  29.5 years of employment with one company.  The family mantra was something like, you do what you say you are going to do unless you have a fever in the mid 102 plus range or you are puking, period. Additionally, the party girl – social lite in me just hates to miss a good party.  Because of my journaling and awareness, I knew I had to take care of myself.

When my Husband came into the room, I announced I scheduled a massage.  This was crazy for two reasons.  One, I had just splurged on a high-ticket item for myself yesterday and saying I was going to spend more money pampering myself had to seem overly self-indulgent to him.  The other was, we had a sitter scheduled and it was supposed to be our date afternoon – the couples shower and a boat ride.  He touched my very swollen leg and gave my plans his approval.

I jumped in the tub for a quick Epson salt bath before the massage.  While in the tub, I text my new friend and owner of Ginztonix, an amazing holistic spa.  She suggested I come in for an infrared sauna because they are incredible at detoxing.  So, the day was getting more surreal and I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I did this much self-care in one day.  Once I got there, she suggested I spend some additional time on a MassageEnergy table that was like nothing I’ve ever done.  Her kindness was boundless, and she wrapped up my session with a gift of Pink Himalayan mineral soak and directions to take a bath.

When Tony and I finally got to our date night, I ate shrimp and scallops and drank six glasses of water in two hours.  Then I persuaded him to go for a walk instead of having another beer, and that was most likely my biggest accomplishment of the day!

So, almighty scale, I canceled party plans, shortened my date day, took an Epson salt bath, got a massage, spent time in the infrared sauna, laid on the massage table, and took a Himalayan salt bath.  I would greatly appreciate it if you showed me some mercy when I step on you.

And she did – down 2 pounds!  More importantly, the swelling is about 80% better.

What are you doing to pamper yourself today?

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts each day for several reasons; the main reason is that it reminds me that we are not alone and share the same struggles as our friends. Sometimes stepping on the scale is a celebration and other times it reminds me that I need to work harder. I can appreciate the decisions you describe each day as you reflect on your progress. Remember, you are making great progress and sometimes it can not be seen in the daily reflection. Keep up the great work! We are all evolving each day and have great control in our evolutionary process.

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