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My Weight Loss Story Begins



Sometimes the hardest part of telling a story is knowing where to begin.  I am sitting at my desk writing and have written several versions of my first blog post.   I have one version that literally starts at infancy.  Luckily for anyone reading this, that version was not chosen.   I would still like to point out I was born at a perfect birth weight, potentially a little slim at 6 pounds 7 ounces.  A girl must brag when she can and wouldn’t it be ironic if my weight loss story began with me bragging about my perfect weight?

Starting with crazy confessions is appealing but I didn’t want to scare anyone away with a little too much information too soon.

My Weight Loss Story Isn’t Just About Me, It’s About You too

I want to say all the right things because it is very important to me to connect with you.  I’d like to share my experiences, failures, successes, feelings, recipes, tips, humor, confessions and everything I’ve learned throughout this journey to benefit us both.  It would be ideal if you soon think of me as your “very real and fun”, funny, smart, well researched, supportive friend, who some might refer to as an obsessive reader who loves to share knowledge. I hope I’ll be a great cheerleader for you and you will be mine.

Where I’m at Today

I’ve decided to start with where I’m at today.  We’ll let the past and the confessions unveil themselves and I’m sure they will………

The preamble to my story includes 16 years of failed diets, trying every exercise program known to man, reading countless books and working through an entire daily ritual to ready myself to step on the scale every morning.

The story begins with an appointment with a fantastic holistic dietician. She was reviewing my lab results and told me I needed to start taking vitamin B because I was very deficient.  To say I have a lot of respect for this dietician, would be a vast understatement, so I almost held back from responding with, “I take a very high grade, expensive B daily”.   I expected her to respond with something like, “Oh, I must have read the report wrong”.  Instead she told me it was obvious my body wasn’t absorbing the supplement and suggested vitamin B shots.  It was exciting to hear there was potentially a shot available that would give me energy and help my metabolism but I had no idea where to get a vitamin B shot.

The Conversation that Sparked a New Diet

A few hours later I was chatting with a svelt neighbor of mine who whimsically announced she loved the new diet center she was going to because the B shots make her feel great.  I believe things happen for a reason, I believe in God’s plan, and I believe in signs.

Within minutes I was booked for an introductory appointment at my neighbor’s beloved weight loss clinic.  I enthusiastically and nervously walked downstairs talking to myself and my Husband in my head. “Saddle up your horses – there’s a new diet on the horizon”. While I was so hopeful and couldn’t deny the undeniable coincidences that led me to this, I was embarrassed and nervous to make yet another new diet announcement.   My Husband has rallied through more diets than I can count over the last 16 years.  What he didn’t know is this time, he wasn’t going to be my sole supporter.  He has back up – a few of my favorite readers……



“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walton

What Diet is Right for Me?
What Diet is Right For Me?

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6 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Story Begins

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and what you are learning. I look forward to learning more about health and watching your bravery unfold.

  2. Thanks for sharing! It’s not always easy to eat the right things! But it’s nice to know there’s other people out there going threw the same weight problems as you! Thank you!

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