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The Tuesday Morning Weight Loss Tune Up


“Going back to basics strengthens your foundation” – An Iola of Truth


Before I headed to the scale I stopped at the counter in my bathroom and picked up the grapefruit essential oil I had set out the night before. I read a few articles saying that grapefruit essential oil could help weight loss and I thought I would give it a try.  The articles also said the oil could support the lymphatic system and like many overweight individuals, I have struggled with my sluggish lymphatic system for years.  I put a few drops of the grapefruit oil on before I started my dry brushing ritual.  Within minutes I found myself in the bathroom and I feel optimistic that the grapefruit oil helped! For more information on essential oils and weight loss https://bit.ly/2OQ7KCq


Grapefruit Essential Oil For Lymphatic Help


As I approached the scale, I found myself talking to her like she was an old long, lost friend.  It’s been 3 days since I’ve stepped on you and it’s been odd without you.   I did the best I could while traveling with a ten-year-old boy and I hope it shows when I step on.

Before I step on the scale, I want to share a non- scale victory with you. I asked a stranger to take a picture of Drew and me on the beach! I was so proud of myself because for the last 16 years I have run from the camera when I’ve been in my bathing suit.  I feel like I learned my lesson from that terrible confession I told you about in Why.  I was standing on the beach beaming from ear to ear with pride and with my arm around my little guy when I saw it – the boogie board.  The perfect prop I needed to cover up my enemy I told you about in the Pursuit of Ketosis- Day 4.  Don’t you wish it could be that easy and we could all just cover up our tummy fat?

Hiding my Tummy at the Beach

When I finally stepped on the scale, it showed I weigh precisely what I weighed one week ago today.

Before I could form an opinion about the scales findings, the inner sales manager in me surfaced and she is relentless and has extremely high expectations.   She’s cordial for a moment and recognizes that I had a lovely beach vacation with my Son but quickly wants to transition into the plan lose weight this week.

My inner sales manager and I came to an agreement on the following plan for the week.

Return to the Pursuit of Ketosis for 4 days

Walk 60 minutes at least 5 days a week

Lift weights twice this week

Yoga at least once this week

and until next time, no alcohol

How about you?  What is your plan for the week?

Weight Loss Tune-Up



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3 thoughts on “The Tuesday Morning Weight Loss Tune Up

  1. I’ve only just found your blog so first of all hello! I think you look great and you should definitely focus on your growing confidence over the scale! You should be proud of your efforts 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼:)

    1. Thank you Layla and thank you for following! For health reasons I still have some pounds to go.

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