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I’ve Made it Into a New Weight Loss Club!


“If you are unwilling to risk the unusual you will have to settle for the ordinary”- Jim Rohn

Another day, another weigh in.  Before I step on I would like the almighty scale to know I come armed with the vitamin B shot I got yesterday and have a few Fat Burners in my system!  I have my energy back and I no longer want to eat my arm off, so I feel ready to step up to the scale.

Oh, and as for exercise, funny story.  I walked into the Y for the first time this Summer with my little guy, Drew, who was excited to play in the tween arcade area while I worked out. I noticed a fun new friend I  met at a party a few weeks ago and said Hi.  She quickly invited me to take a spin class with her. I yelped a, “no”, and nervously giggled.  What are the odds of this? I just blogged about spinning two days ago in I Feel Pretty! and now I was randomly invited to a spin class.

My thoughts shifted to childhood memories.  My Dad was what I call a “compulsive cyclist”.  He loved to ride his bike and even rode to work and back for a few years.   A typical Daddy and me day would include a two -four hour bike ride.  My Dad stood at about 6 foot 4 and I was about 5 foot 4. His long legs and strength powered his bike and I fought to keep up the entire ride.  My type A overly competitive Dad “motivated” me with statements like, “get those chubby legs moving, if you can’t keep up with a 40-year-old man, you are in trouble, are you ever going to break the wind for Dad?”

As soon as my trip down memory lane ended, I was confronted by my Son, Andrew. “Mom, you are going to take the class right? Come on you are a Hook (my maiden name).  What would your Dad do?” And then, he flashed his baby blues…

A few minutes later I found myself in the spin room staring at a stationary bike.  Well, best case I fall off the back and wake up beautiful and invincible, but I’ll settle for making it through the 45-minute class.

During the class, I tried to think about anything and everything but the class.  I motivated myself by thinking about my friend who just started varying her workouts and is getting great results and tried to remember the details about I blog I read about varying workouts the other day.  Of course, I compared myself to everyone in the room for a good ten minutes of the class because I am only human.  I looked at the board that ranked everyone in the class a few times and was happy I didn’t have my glasses on because I’m sure I didn’t want to know where I ranked.

At the end of the class, my friend asked if I liked it and I told her I had to think about it.  Wow! I love to walk, run, kayak, lift weights, take body pump classes, and yoga, but spin is its own bird. The teacher left me with memorable parting words, “Your butt is going to be sore for a few days, probably really sore”.

So almighty scale, here I come. 1,2,3… Bam!  Just like that. I’m in the club! I made it to the next weight bracket on the scale.  It’s the first time I’ve been here since October 2, 2017, around 7:30 AM!

Will you do “the happy dance” with me?






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