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Tips for Getting Back on the Weight Loss Track!


Getting Back On The Weight Loss Track
Getting Back On The Weight Loss Track


At some point just about all of us hopeful dieters fall off the weight loss track.  How or why doesn’t really seem to matter, getting back on track is what’s important.  Here are my best tips for getting back on the weight loss track stat.



Do it Fast, Do it Now, Just Do It!

It is so easy to get caught up into looking at the dates on your calendar and waiting to get back on the weight loss track until after you have eaten your way past every party, luncheon, birthday and wedding in the books.  Don’t fall into that trap – the sooner you get back on track the better!


Grab a Friend aka Accountability Partner

After 14+ years of dieting, I finally embraced this and wow, does it make a difference! When you plan to meet someone to work out, you show up even when you don’t feel like it.  Once you are there, you’ll want to keep up or outdo your partner.  With the right accountability partner, you’ll work out more often and have better workouts.


Track Everything

Just typing “track everything” is enough to make me and almost all dieters cringe.  There is something about the tedious task that makes me want to delete my tracking app on my phone. The crazy thing is – it works!  Every time I journal consistently for a few days, I see results.  If “it works” isn’t a good enough reason to start tracking, check out 5 Reason To Keep A Food Diary.


Join a Group

Joining a challenge group or an exercise group can spark your motivation.  Doing something new can be exciting and will keep things interesting.  Join a fitness challenge group, exercise group, or online support group.  You’ll have fun making new friends, learning new things, and getting more fit!


Exercise Even if Just For a Few Minutes

We all want to accomplish that perfect work out.  Unfortunately, our schedules and physical conditions don’t always allow for it.  Start small – an eight-minute workout is better than no workout and will get your momentum going in the right direction.


Drink More Water

Crazy to think something as simple as water can help you get back on track but it’s a powerful tool.  I find the more water I drink, the less hungry I am which is a huge benefit when trying to get back on the weight loss track.  There are many other benefits of drinking water and Healthline’s article lists a few of them in Drinking Water Helps with Weight Loss.


Reward Yourself but NOT with Food

So, I’m sure I’m not the only person who was rewarded for a good day at school with ice cream or a cookie.  Why is food so heavily overused a reward?  Shift your mindset from food as a reward to self-care.  My favorite self-care activities are Epson salt baths, massages, and meditation.  What are yours?


Revisit Your Why & Renew Your Motivation

Out of all eight of these tips, revisiting my why is the most compelling and motivating for me.  I believe everyone has a “why” that is very important to them.  That “why” has a lot of emotion attached to it and emotions are fantastic motivators, so take a few minutes to remember your why.   Why You Started (Weight Loss Motivation) talks about mine and may help you identify yours.





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