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Weight Loss Confessions – Drink Worthy?

The pathway to freedom begins when we face the problem without making excuses for it.” – Joyce Meyer

I have a confession to make.  It has been weighing heavily on my soul and scale since last Saturday.  I drank a martini.  Okay… in all honesty, make it two martinis last Saturday night.

I was halfway into my dirty grey goose martini and thoroughly enjoying my blue cheese olives when my neighbor, Mallard, in a very Seinfeld way said, “You know the problem, Tanya? When I drink my good judgment goes out the window”.  I contemplated his statement.  It seems mine goes out the window for a good 24 hours.  First, one drink typically turns to two, which turns to me being hungrier than usual. And then comes the dreaded next day, where I almost always get a hangover and need extra carbs to make it through the day.

Last Saturday and Sunday were no exception to the norm.  One martini turned into two and that quickly manifested into eating my entire dessert.  The next day I felt sluggish and ate two bowls of cereal, something I wouldn’t typically eat on a dare, and instead of going for my daily 3-mile power walk, I  lollygagged around the house all day. I couldn’t help but wonder what my friend Mallard’s Sunday was like.

I looked back at Myfitnesspal and could quickly see the dance I was doing with the scale.  Two steps forward and one step back.  My every day willpower is above reproach.  I love to eat healthily and exercise, but my social life is a real problem.  I started to brainstorm on how to gain control of my social life and the cocktails it tempts me with.  The Seinfeld sponge-worthy episode popped into my head.  Would I need to use Elaine’s approach to weed out social events and only deem certain ones drink worthy?  This could get very awkward.

I quickly decided that I could not do that.  I adore all of my friends and love all of their parties.  I could never ordain some of them as drink worthy and leave the others out.  I am going to have to keep it simple and designate periods of time for when I am cleansing and refrain from alcohol during those periods of time, no matter what pops up on my social docket. I remember a discussion I had with a meeting facilitator at Weight Watchers a few years and about twenty diets ago. I told her I ate a piece of cake because I was invited to a birthday party and she responded with, “It wasn’t your birthday was it?”

Cheers to laughter and I hope you laugh!



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