Whole30 - Day 0-30

What I Did To Spice Up The Whole30

It’s day 3 of my second Whole30 round and I awake feeling good.  I question myself because I keep reading posts from people who seem to crash in round two but I am going strong.

I do really miss my Whole30 DayByDay daily read and wish Melissa would hurry up and write one Whole30ers on round two.

When I got home from my morning walk, I put my Turkey Breakfast Skillet from True Fare in the microwave.  I whimsically decided to give them a try the other day.  I was skeptical because I don’t typically love meal delivery services but I have to say we are off to a great start.  The Turkey Breakfast Skillet was fantastic!

What I Did To Spice Up The Whole30 -True Fare Whole30 Breakfast
What I Did To Spice Up The Whole30-True Fare Whole30 Breakfast


It was time to do something to spice up the Whole30

So I have to confess, all the cooking that seems to go along with the Whole30 is definitely wearing on me.  The other night Tony, my Husband and Chef,  and I had words about it because was feeling completely exasperated too.  I must have felt these emotions bubbling up or something because I signed up with True Fare on what seemed to have been a whim, but its actually perfect timing.   I will be getting two days of complete meals and snacks in the mail from True Fare every week and I’m hoping it will take the edge off of all the Whole30 cooking and dishes.  My Whole30 results are too incredible to stop over something like cooking.

Around 11:30 I had Chicken Pot Pie Soup for lunch.  – Yum.  Because I’m in this to lose weight, I tweaked the recipe this time and put half the potatoes in.  Hoping the scale shows me some appreciation for my efforts.

What I Did To Spice Up The Whole30-Whole30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup
What I Did To Spice Up The Whole30-Whole 30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Oh boy,  I have a big weight loss confession. I stopped at the health food store today and bought these amazing date and almond bars and I ate ALL of them in ten minutes!  Ugh.  I have learned that I can’t have them in the house.  Who would have thought I would binge eat dates? Craziness!

Whole30 Compliant Date Rolls
Whole30 Compliant Date Rolls

For dinner, I had Turkey Meatloaf in Tomato Sauce from True Fare and it was good, not as good as the Turkey Breakfast Skillet, but good. So far I’m pretty thrilled with my decision to Whole30 compliant meals from True Fare.  It seems to be just what I needed to spice up my Whole30 experience!

True Fare Whole30 Compliant Dinner
True Fare Whole30 Compliant Dinner

Around 8:00 I decide I’m in the clear and can cross Day 3 of round two of the Whole30 off my calendar. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my best eating day, but it wasn’t my worst either.  Shooting for more exercise and less snacking tomorrow.

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One thought on “What I Did To Spice Up The Whole30

  1. Congratulations Tanya!! And you are so Creative in your meal choices. I cook very basic. It’s my way of “Staying with the Program.”

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