Whole30 Pantry Essentials

I love the Whole30 and consider myself to be a Whole30 evangelist! I've successfully completed several rounds of the Whole30 and did one 100-day round.

I bet you are wondering why I’ve done so many rounds. It’s because I am completely addicted to what Whole30ers affectionately call Tiger Blood. If you haven’t experienced Tiger Blood yet, I hope you do soon, and I know you’ll love it! Of course, the non-scale victories (NSV’s) are also amazing and a great reason to do a Whole30 round.

And, in case you are wondering what I am eating when I am not on a Whole30 round, I’ll tell you I’m eating Whole30ish. For me this means, Whole30 food+ vodka on occasion. 😉

I’ve been leading my blog, Insta, and Facebook followers through the Whole30 for the last few years and love helping others experience the benefits of the Whole30, non-scale victories, Tiger Blood and watching the overall transformations. We’d love to have you in our tribe, if you are interested, (contact me if you want to join the group).

An Easy Way to Buy Whole30 Pantry Items

There is a ton of information floating around about the Whole30 and Whole30 compliant products. And as any Whole30er knows, shopping can be the hardest part. I can still remember my first Whole30 round when I wanted to sit on the floor of the grocery store and cry because I was SO sick of reading labels. Luckily, shopping can be a lot easier for you, because I created this simple list. It’s my Whole30 pantry essentials. And the best part is, all the essentials can be ordered from Amazon, so you don’t have to go on an exhausting scavenger hunt to find Whole30 compliant pantry items.

I'd love to help YOU be a success in YOUR Whole30 experience and look forward to toasting to your non-scale victories with you... with Kombucha of course! 👏

Please message me if I can help.

Be sure to check out Whole30 Grocery Shopping Made Easy!

DNX 100% Grass Fed Protein Bars

Have you used any of the books above to find inspiration or other ideas for new meal options? Have you already tried one of the items on the suggested Whole30 pantry essentials list and agree with my suggestion? If so, be sure to send us a comment or message. Or better yet, head on over to Facebook and share your positive feedback and encouragement for others!

If you have not yet tried them, add a few items to your grocery list and enjoy all of the benefits you will receive!

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