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Why Being Happy Will Help You Lose Weight

This guest post “Why Being Happy Will Help You Lose Weight” is written by Lauren L’Amour.   I was fortunate to be part of a powerful mastermind group Lauren led several years ago and am excited to welcome her as a guest blogger for Weight-Loss-Confessions.  Please be sure to check out Lauren’s bio below, so you can follow her!

Why Being Happy Will Help You Lose Weight

We’re well past the “New Year’s Resolution Phase,” and into the time when we really dig into our goals. Therefore, I wanted to share this client’s success story and what’s possible for you!

This 10-pound weight loss was a fun (but awesome) side benefit my client Lisa received after we worked together holistically for only three months.

However, because I work holistically as a coach, it’s not the first time I’ve heard this. That’s why I know you can achieve it too. For instance, another client Janet lost 10 lbs. and got a $10K raise in under 4 months.

Here are 3 Things to Consider

  1. Even if the primary focus is, for example, a business goal, it’s important to be working with your whole life to ensure that all parts of your life are aligned with your goal and vice versa. I call this “Aligned Action.” Weight loss and good health are secondary benefits when working with this holistic approach to goal achieving.  In Lisa’s case, she achieved some amazing business goals, but the secondary benefit was weight loss. Note: Some clients make weight loss their primary goal. Working with this process of “Aligned Action” works just as well in creating other wonderful secondary benefits.
  2. Focusing on alignment with what I call your “True Values” brings you into awareness of your Soul’s path. From this awareness, you are able to make conscious choices about moving into and staying in alignment with your Soul’s path. Eating healthy, exercise, stress management are a few things we do to help keep the body in tip-top shape, energized and able to keep the alignment intact.
  3. When we are aware and taking “Aligned Action” with our “True Values” we are walking our Soul’s Path and we are, therefore, living our Life’s Purpose. When we are living our Life’s Purpose, life works and we are happy. And as the research shows when we are happy we are more likely to make choices that are serving us and we are therefore healthy! *

Following the Path

This path is simple and straightforward, but because we are human (and at times messy and complicated) this path is not always easy. Our subconscious and our brain will fight us tooth and nail every time we decide to make a change, even when it’s in our best interest to do so.

And much like the “Cha, cha, cha,” it can seem as if we are taking 1 step forward and 2 steps backward. But the good news is doesn’t have to be that way!

Below are 3 steps you can take to get on your Soul’s Path to happiness and 3 steps you can take to stay on it.

3 Steps You Can Take to Find Your Soul’s Path:

  • Figure out who you are at your core: Answer the questions: What values are important to me? What situations, actions, people make me come alive? When am I most happy?
  • Assess the major areas of your life. Mind, body, relationships, finances, work to see where you are in and out of alignment with your “True Values.”
  • Pick one “Aligned Action” Step you can take for each area that is out of alignment with your “True Self.” Commit to taking it until you create a habit of alignment.

3 Steps You Can Take to Stay on Your Aligned Path:

  • Write down your plan and visit that plan daily.
  • Set up a weekly or daily accountability call with someone you trust.
  • Record your “Wins” daily. No matter how small, this goes a long way toward rewiring your brain. Especially for success in every area of your life.

Lauren is the founder and creator of the Life Visionary life coaching and spiritual mentoring process.

She has coached countless women through thousands of hours in this process. She has also helped them to power-up, align with their Soul’s purpose and bring their Big Visions to life!

You can find her at www.LifeVisionary.com and follow her social links on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and Linkedin.


Lauren L'Amour, MS - Author of Why Being Happy Will Help You Lose Weight
Lauren L’Amour, MS – Author of Why Being Happy Will Help You Lose Weight


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